The Nintendo Switch Was Supposed to FAIL!!!

The Nintendo Switch Was Supposed to FAIL!!!

Remember when everyone said the Nintendo
switch was going to be dead on arrival or it was going to flop
I remember that back in 2017 when Nintendo first revealed the switch to
everyone in Japan at that presentation there were so many people that folks the
system was going to be dead why are we talking about this right at this point
well it’s because Nintendo has been having crazy sales numbers on the
Nintendo switch we just recently got the numbers for a Black Friday shopping
period here in the US or Thanksgiving and it actually had a switch record for
the Thanksgiving period in that one week selling eight hundred and thirty
thousand units plus so yeah not so much dead right but let’s talk about this a
little bit because there’s a lot of different factors that kind of go into
the Nintendo switches success and kind of what it’s done and I wanted to talk
about that because I like the switch it’s a nifty little system take it where
you want play put it on your TV play put it on your monitor and play play some
super smash brothers play whatever the heck you want on there it’s pretty cool
one Lissa’s third party games like Call of Duty and all that we don’t need those
though right no we don’t need those but anyway moving on here let’s talk about
the Nintendo switch and why it’s doing so well so the switch system sleek
compact take it any way that you want that’s the number one thing right there
it is a different type of system and does things completely different than
what you’ve seen on other systems it’s not the same as the ps4 the Xbox one you
can omit a clone box it probably do okay but I don’t think you do as well as the
Nintendo switch is doing why because there’s always been a huge huge base
like hundred million plus of people gamers right portable systems handheld
Gameboy GBA DS 3ds GBA advanced whatever the case is right you have all this
different stuff that’s going on here GBA GBA advanced GPAs a lot of GBAS GBA SP
GBA Micro there’s all sorts of cool stuff out there when it comes to the GBA
so gamers have been playing these portable systems for a long time and if
you look at home consoles the NES you have the Super NES you also have the n64
you have the Gamecube you have the Wii you have the Wii U you have now been in
Tendo switch home consoles portables Nintendo gamers have been
playing stuff for decades now you put them together
man you got a recipes for success no more oh when I want to play a portable
game it only portable or uh when I want to play a home console game it’s only
home console now BAM you have them together no more happy to sit there and
be mad because your system of choice whether you like to play games on your
TV or on the go is stuck on one Nintendo device you know how many times that I
was just like covering back when I had my website or even my old youtube
channel and there’d be a game that come out for the Nintendo 3ds
like Mario Golf for example and then people be like oh why is this only on
the Nintendo 3ds and then there’d be times that a game would come out on the
Wii U for example like the Kirby canvas game or whatever it was that game where
you can play with the Wii U and draw on the tablet but yet like look at the
whole thing the whole time it was like a sequel or a follow-up to the game that
was on the DS people like oh why is this on the Nintendo Wii U why is it on the
30s and be better there so no matter what there was always a problem there
was always back and forth whenever we had a Nintendo Direct
people will always be complaining too much 3ds too much three TS too much 30s
man there was one time where literally they showed like five minutes of 30s and
people like oh my gosh there’s too much three yes so the fact that Nintendo was
able to just say all right all of you guys shut up
like shut up we’re making a system to where you can play all of your games on
one thing here so no more complaining about this and that and what game goes
there or there BAM you can just play it any way that you want any game and on
top of that it really helped me pin those developers because then they don’t
have to sit there make decision are we gonna develop on the three yes are we
gonna develop on the Wii U are we gonna develop on a portable on a home console
look at Pokemon right Pokemon has been a big boon for Nintendo when it comes to
home console sales portable sales home console it’s a hybrid right it’s AI
prick so it’s been a big boon for that the fact that we can finally play a
mainline Pokemon game developed by Game Freak on the TV that’s not let’s go
catching Pikachu Eevee catching five million Pokemon over and over and over
again I mean not a bad game but at the same time I mean man those pokeball plus
controls that ball I wasn’t trying to have any of that and there’s like
motion on there what’s up with that I need to make sure that they have pro
controls upon why haven’t they added pro controller support for that and it
doesn’t make sense because you can put the game portable mode with the joy
comes what’s going on there but anyway the fact that Nintendo has these options
for gamers out there has been phenomenal has been the reason why there’s been so
much success with the system and on top of that the games games games games
games games there are so many games on the system from first and third parties
none it doesn’t have all the big shoot-’em-up bang Bang’s Call of Duty’s
all that stuff like that and I get it I get it I mean I have a ps4
I have an Xbox one I have a ps4 Pro I have an Xbox one x I have an Xbox one
s-somebody Xbox is that I say that I have it hold up pick that one back I
have an xbox one s and an Xbox one X there we go all right so I have all the
iterations of them so I can play whatever game whenever I want I have a
PC that’s a nice graphics card or soak a graphic that’s got a hole but it still
plays most of the modern games I have a laptop that can play a lot of the modern
games too so whenever I want to play anything that comes to or doesn’t come
to Nintendo switch or I don’t feel like planet on there I can play on the other
systems for example like Game of the Year candidate one of the best games
potentially ever made like control I was just playing that game on the Xbox one X
not bad on that one but anyway that’s beside the point we’re not talking about
control we’re not talking about rebbe or anything like that we’re talking about
the Nintendo’s switch so the fact that it’s getting so many quality games from
the first party developers right because you look at stuff like fire emblem for
example that’s a fantastic game have you guys played that have you played fire
it’s a pretty good game right 89 rated on Metacritic a lot people really love
that game but fire them three houses that would be normally only on the 3ds
right that’s what we saw last generation only on the 3ds not on the Wii U not on
home consoles which was very unfortunate very unfortunate but now we actually
have that experience anywhere right look at something like Animal Crossing that’s
coming to the intended switch before that was only on 3ds so you look at
something like Pokemon like I said that was only on the Nintendo 3ds something
like bravely default which is probably going to become at the Nintendo switch
in the next year or two because Square headaches had talked about it but that
game was made by the same people like off the path traveller and
Dean came over to the Nintendo’s switch a knock-back traveler is a game that
beforehand probably would have been like a 30s type of thing smaller bravely
default thing you know so it’s pretty cool that they’re finally bringing over
a lot of these 3ds or portable franchises over on the main stage but
it’s cool because we can still play them like a portable system and that’s been
the biggest success of the Nintendo switch is the rate of games because
their developers are freed up to kind of just make what they want to you right
you’re looking at even like the first party standpoint having a game like
Legend of Zelda breath of the Wold was absolutely key to making sure that the
momentum just shot right up a hardcore game that people have been waiting for
that’s going to show off a world that we’ve never seen before a franchise that
was redone in that way that was the perfect launch game and it was actually
something that I said that they should do back then and people kind of got mad
at me back in like 2014 or 2015 I think I talked about making sure that they
don’t Skyward Sword the Nintendo switch with everything because if you remember
Skyward Sword only came out on the Wii and did not come out on the Wii U and
that caused problems because people were looking at the launch lineup and like a
lot of third-party stuff that kind of could already play cheaper and like New
Super Mario Bros I mean it’s okay but it’s not something like mentioned in
Zelda so I said there’s no way that Nintendo can sit there and make sure
that they don’t have that big game to really push the momentum and they
listened to me so congratulations to you Nintendo thank you for listening to me
because I wrote them I emailed them I wrote them again I delivered a letter in
hand I didn’t use the Pony Express no I didn’t do all that but still like they
needed to listen to me on that one because I wanted to make sure that there
was a good launch for the system so I’m very happy that they did have Legend of
Zelda but the Nintendo switch with it sales numbers and how everything is
going here man it’s just cool it’s just flat-out cool because this means that
more developers are going to be confident in the Nintendo switch to
bring over their games and that’s good right you guys want to play games don’t you
I know I do so trails of cold steel that game Bam Bam calm and is coming over the
Falcone President was seriously probably sitting back chillin playing
some PlayStation 4 and somebody probably buzzed them in and was like yo you got
to look at these sales over here in the West he’s like Oh PlayStation 4 sales
are they going up he’s like no no is this it was like you got a look at these
Nintendo switch sales and he was probably like what Nintendo switch took
one look at the switch sales in the u.s. it was like Nami and that’s why you had
to say that in that report that they just had and big weekend more games from
Falcom or another game Falcom which is being ported over from NIS so they gave
the okay because they own the IP so great stuff all around very happy for
them to switch that it’s doing so well but tell the truth I want all of you
guys that are watching this video tell the truth did you think the Nintendo
switch was going to fail did you think the Nintendo switch was going to swap
based off of the January presentation and now multiple years later you have
been converted and you’re like turning around and you think that it’s a good
system now did you did you I want to know and if you’re on the other side of
the fence were you someone who knew that the Nintendo switch was going to be
successful from the very beginning I’d love to hear you guys his thoughts you
guys’s comments everything is you guys have to say about your thoughts back in
2017 before this switch launched I want to hear some of the stuff I mean more
than happened to have a nice conversation with you guys in the
comment section below alright guys that wraps it up for this ljx video make sure
you like comment subscribe and share the video if you can I do appreciate you
guys watching and we’ll catch you guys in the next Oh J X video peace


70 thoughts on “The Nintendo Switch Was Supposed to FAIL!!!”

  • People were saying the Switch was gonna fail, nearly 3 years later and sales are likely to hit over 52 million! Thats better than what the PS4 did in its first 3 years lol

  • I knew it would be successful, just not to this degree. Switch is like the second coming of the Wii and I'd have it no other way!

  • I honestly thought that the Switch was gonna fail. I love Nintendo but after the Wii U I kinda lost a little bit of trust in them. The Switch is one of my favorite consoles and I'm happy that Nintendo is on a roll right now.

  • I was worried it would fail, no doubt about it. Yet I still bought it day one just for BOTW and a few other games and I'm glad I did.

  • Instant success is what I thought about the switch, it's new Nintendo tech and when they showed a new 3D mario game we know now as super mario odyssey, I knew it was on then.

  • I didn’t kno it was going to be this successful, but when a older guy brought up that Zelda game at the gym I knew it was going to do good. Mid 40’s guy he pulled up the trailer in the sauna lol n showed me when I seen March a few weeks b4 my bday I knew my girl was gonna get it for me once I showed her lmao 🤣

  • I skipped the WiiU since it didn’t appealed to me. It is the only Nintendo console I haven’t owned. I knew instantly that the Switch would be a success and I picked it up on day 1

  • I knew it was going to be successful from the beginning. I missed the preorder so I waited 6+ hrs to get one on launch and never looked back since

  • I bought 2 Switch's on launch day, 1 grey, 1 neon and I was beyond excited! (I bought them from my work with a 15% discount) Oh, and all my brothers used money they saved up to each get a Switch, so at launch we had 5 Switch's in our house!

    Since the DS/3DS I've always wanted an HD (or in that range) Handheld from Nintendo. And so, despite wanting a powerful home console from Nintendo, I was more then happy with what I saw from the reveal of Switch and instantly fell in love with the promised convenience of playing both in handheld and on TV out of the box!
    I don't know about others, but sometimes maybe once or twice every other week the power from the grid (PowerLines) will blip, causing devices that solely run off a wall outlet to lose power and turn off. But the Switch doesn't have that issue and instead just shifts into portable mode if you're docked and it loses electricity, meaning no loss of game data since the Nintendo Switch has an internal battery unlike other TV enabled systems!

    I also love the fact that if needed, you can share game updates/patches with people locally without a broadband/internet connection, especially for multiplayer games like Smash Ultimate which has continued getting updates!

    Ps, I'm really looking forward to the potential for next year titles and Xenoblade Definitive Edition!!!

  • Double Jump Podcast - Game News auf Deutsch says:

    I was sceptical until I saw Mario Kart 8 DX in April 2017. Once I demo'd it, I was fully sold on it and love the Switch ever since back then.

  • Yep I thought the switch was a horrible idea. Now I play it more then anything else and it’s one of my favorite consoles of all time. Glad I was wrong. 😅

  • i thought the switch would be pretty successful what i didn’t expect was this level of success
    i honestly expected it to sell 50-60M by the end of its lifetime
    not for it to likely reach 60M by the end of 2020

  • I had faith in the Switch's success since the January Presentation, I was confident that a hybrid portable system like the Switch with killers like BoTW, Odyssey and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe was bound to have a successful future as long Ninty kept up the good marketing and release of good games.

  • Since the Wii U was a failure and the least powerful current-gen system on the market, I thought it was critical that Nintendo's next system be a superpowered, static box like the PS4 and Xbox One. But after the September reveal trailer, I began to comprehend its potential until I soon became fully confident in and supportive of Nintendo's direction.

    It would have been intriguing to see Nintendo franchises represented with more visual spectacle, but I'm okay with what we've got. And the handheld play never really loses its novelty, does it?

  • KingDavidCreates says:

    I had faith in the Switch from that very first ad back in October 2016. People were writing off the Switch "Gimmick," which I thought wasn't a gimmick and was actually a great idea. The idea that not only could you play it like a home console with a standard enough looking controller, but you could also take it with you. That wasn't IMO a gimmick like the Wii's Motion Controls or the Wii U gamepad, I could immediately see several ways I would make use of that myself. That's why I had faith in the system, then at the presentation BotW being the big launch title further cemented that. The here's a big open world Zelda game, and here is a new system you can play it on AND take it with you on that same system. It sold me completely, and even if there was even the smallest shadow of a doubt E3 2017 destroyed it: Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Mario Odyessy, The announcement that a main line Pokemon game was in development.

  • Michelle Tackett says:

    No, I knew when I first saw the Switch that it was gonna be huge. The second I saw the man take it out of the dock, I almost jumped out of my chair watching it. I knew Nintendo was onto something special. Plus, the clicking sound of the joy cons. I knew they hit the marketing bullseye.

  • I was among the tiny minority that saw potential. My estimate was at least 60 million sales minimum at the time, wasn't too sure about hitting 80 or higher. Bought NTDOY at $28 while the FUD was high, now it's nearly double that. But no, all my friends that started out hating on the Switch are pretending they knew it'd sell. Some even got a Switch. Bandwagoners. 😂

  • The fact that it's a portable told me that the Switch would be successful. Even Big N's worst portable the 3ds did nearly 80mil, while competing with cell phones

  • Not going to lie, I'll be the first to admit I was blindly supporting the switch back then because I actually loved the Wii U.

    This made me realize I need to be more aware/critical of what I support. Very happy it's doing well since most of my favorite games for the past few years are on there.

  • The Switch to me; is one of the absolute best consoles of all time, because of how much I am able to play the variety of games it has. However; if it was just a at home only console, I don't think they would be doing as well as they are and I am almost certain I would have passed on it; just because I don't have a lot of time at home to be playing games and it is not as powerful as the competitors. It's very hybrid nature was enough for me to go all in and pre-order at launch, despite the absence of games. However, I knew that it would get more games and give me a chance to finish some games that I didn't the first time (I finally beat L.A Niore on the Switch, when I had it for years on PS3). They need to make all their consoles moving forward; a hybrid, even if it is 1-1.5 generations behind what ever the current power consoles can do.

  • honestly i had multiple 3ds, a ps4 and a xbox. The switch wasnt necessary for me until a gamestop employee told me that sun and moon was gonna be the last pokemon game for the 3ds…..I needed my pokemon fix lmao.

  • Everyone in comments lying. They all thought it was going to fail. I remember cause I had convos with each & everyone of you. That's right I remember all of ya'll faces.

  • I didn't think the Switch would fail, but I also didn't think it would sell as well as it currently is. I was predicting somewhere between 35-40 million lifetime, but they've already smashed that number in less than 2.5 years, so I was way off with that one.

  • Imitation Sponge says:

    I overlooked the Switch like crazy… I have had a different life when it comes to gaming, I had N64, Wii, DS, and 3DS but I did not understand how game companies worked. I didn't even watch the E3 Switch reveal despite watching 4 previous E3s from Nintendo. I eventually got a PS4 and forgot about Nintendo… or so I thought. I somehow have had a Switch for almost two years now.

  • I always thought it’d at least be a moderate success, since Nintendo has always found success in their handhelds. And I figured a hybrid console had a place on the market, and that enough people would find it appealing. Though I knew Japan would would love Switch immediately. I’d hope it get as big as it is now, but I wasn’t sure how realistic that was. Turns out it was.

  • I said it would be a success similar to the 3DS since it would have all of the handheld franchises as well as the console franchises. It’s obviously well surpassed that, but I was much closer than most people predicting.

  • After seeing that October 2016 reveal of the switch… I was thinking that Nintendo was officially back! The January 2017 event was a little weird, but I was excited for the switch and I was down for a Day One purchase.

    I was nervous that Nintendo wouldn't receive third party support for this system, but I was extremely blown away by the systems 1st year… and the rest is history. This is my favorite system of all time!

    I'm a 40 y/o gamer with a pretty busy family and work life. I absolutely love that I can game from anywhere, whenever I can, without being tied to a TV… you guys already know. I dont have to spell it out. Nintendo has allowed me to pick back up my love of gaming. It took me years to beat skyward sword because it was rare that I actually had time to sit in front of the tv… those times are over!

  • Great video! As someone who loved my Wii u at the time , I had faith and had the switch preordered on release date with Zelda boftw. I always get a PlayStation for my main gaming and then always buy nintendo for their first party games.

  • I didn't feel anything about the switch back then until I saw port games they have over the year so I decide to get one. It is the best thing ever!

  • Yep, it's something pretty much everybody was saying. It's sad that the Nintendo Paperazzi decide what people think nowadays.

    At least you acknowledged this….I haven't seen anyone else take back their negativity that they were spewing back before this was released.

  • I knew it was going to de well because if the portable side glad to see I wasn’t wrong the Switch is easily my favorite system of all time!

  • I never thought it was gonna fail, but I wasn't interested in it because of the blunder of the Wii U
    Boy am I glad I have one now though

  • I saw the huge potential of the Switch at the reveal in 2016. I was shaking my head in disbelief at how clueless the gaming media is, but it was no surprise to me. I was sure the Switch was gonna be a huge success when Pachter said it would fail.

  • Stoked about my GBBAA Boy Advanced I ordered on Ebay. [EDIT] BTW I thought the switch looked awesome before it came out but I still don't own one loloololool.

  • Yes, I thought it was expensive and another gimmick! The motion controls with the wii was just a pain! Didn’t play Switch for the first two years of sales… until this year when I finally picked it up and no looking back. It’s truly fun! Nice video and you should speak more Japanese, your pronunciation was spot on なに!!😂

  • I'm happy that Nintendo has found success with the Switch after the failure of WiiU. So far the Switch with almost 3 years it already has a great library of games and im sure there'll be plenty more to come. This is the best time to be alive for Nintendo fans.

  • I was so worried if Switch gonna fail or not all I wanted is a powerful handheld to play games on the go and I never played Nintendo games in the past I been wanted to try it out for so long

  • i did not think about if it would fail or win back then. everything did not depend on the switch machine, it was all BOTW & Smash pulling the weight. if BOTW was fucking awesome then the switch will keep running. and then 3/3/17 happened and BOTW was awesome.

  • I bought Nintendo Stock when it was really low before the NX was announced as the Switch.
    When I first saw the reveal I was a bit worried. I did NOT think it'd do as well as it has been doing.
    The Switch seemed weak. Here was too much talk of keeping the 3DS going, which ending up being only a few big games, but we didn't know that at the time. Years later: PC + Switch = best gaming!

  • I am going to make sure Switch does not fail. I will get a second Switch a Lite as a backup for my current Switch which never leaves the dock to take out on the go. That will help Switch win. Glad to do my part lol

  • I didn't think anything about it. I actually completely forgot the system even existed (wasn't big Nintendo guy until I got a Switch) until Smash was announced, but now it's the only console I play.

  • I believe it was going to be a success when revealed cause as a gamer like myself I would love to have a hybrid system like the switch to take with me on the go and play when I’m out traveling then come home and hook it up to my tv and sit in my comfy chair and relax

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