The 1 Bitcoin Show- Monero Talk interviews Adam Meister live!

The 1 Bitcoin Show- Monero Talk interviews Adam Meister live!

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yeah mat-su so thanks for coming on or allowing me to come on your show I guess
I you know I’ve been watching you for quite some time
I’ve uh I started off as a Manero maximalist and still AM to some degree I
consider myself kind of a digital cash maximalist so trying to figure out which
one is digital cash initially that started with Bitcoin my belief is
totally and and only in Bitcoin and then I slowly slowly arrived at manera so I
would love to question you on that but first I want to talk a little bit if you
don’t mind just a little bit about your your history in crypto I did a quick I
never I never sorted your videos by oldest to newest so I did that today
before we jumped on I was just curious and I know you had spoken about
Baltimore things you had done in Baltimore
time or another I heard in some videos but I didn’t realize how much so I went
back and I looked and yeah if you just want to talk a little bit about your
history of how you got into because you were a youtuber before you were a
Bitcoin youtuber so if you want to quickly talk about that I’ll continue to
ask you questions as you go what was your initial the initial fight that you
were fighting on Bitcoin what was that all about I mean on YouTube very good
question well one thing if you want to see the archives and it’s and you can
easily go to disrupt meister calm and that’ll show you all the Bitcoin videos
you won’t have to worry about that Baltimore stock but didn’t I guess now
it’s been quite some time like 10 years ago I really got into Baltimore politics
and vault I lived in a neighborhood I created a
project called the by block project a bunch of us all move to this one block
and this neighborhood called Reservoir Hill that had these beautiful big old
houses in it and we fixed up these old houses and made all of this news and it
was such an adventure and it got me in the bottom of politics which is second
I’m not a political person now when I was a little younger I thought I could
change the world and so I did I knew all these political people and YouTube came
around and I thought well this is a good way to spread word about some of this
dirt I’m uncovering in Baltimore folk the political situation but at the same
time I would show people the houses of Baltimore and if you have did you have
like what was your day job at the time we did were you oh I’m doing very much I
did marketing research for did market research for internet-based companies
basically I brand my own business oh yeah yeah I was I’ve been with stuff
employed for quite some time and so I and I didn’t keep my expenses down quite
a bit but yeah I did my I had my own business save my
own money and I own that house the house I got super duper cheap and so that that
was that was very productive – and I kind of do I would you I had my own
karaoke I would do anything I could make money through it so many different
things I I was just a hot renewer doing all sorts of stuff but that did
one of the big things that I did run an internet-based business marketing
research for software companies that’s what I called it and we weren’t given
all that stuff that’s that’s that’s all I got rid of all that eventually I at
the bottom were politics yeah so I’m trying to I’m trying to
change the world through YouTube videos about Baltimore and and the six-time on
the ground but if other people aren’t you interested in Baltimore politics
real I mean they’re interested in left to be single people over and over again
it wasn’t it wasn’t generating that much information I mean people would be like
I love your channel I love what you stand for
now when were you trying to kind of build up those blocks and get people to
come in and move into those areas cuz it look like where your house was I only
watched a few minutes of your earlier videos I I was I was inspired so it’s it
looked like you were doing a good job the idea was you were trying to get
people to kind of come in and move into those impoverished areas was that that’s
what I got done I mean are you a college you actually have it was a great
accomplishment yeah it was great we filled up like combined with my buddy
Remington and everything he filled up what was it like 13 houses or something
like that didn’t have homeowner occupants beforehand some of them were
totally falling down completely I mean it may be the news all over the place
that was it was big news in Baltimore and in the Sun but again this is at the
start of my that project that by blocking the internet wasn’t even a big
source of news it wasn’t you know now politically I mean you got to be on
Twitter do you got view and everything Batman did there was a ‘but whitter to
started a bio blog project but at the end when I was living in res more hello
there buzz but it wasn’t as big then YouTube wasn’t but the main point is I I
was writing blog articles too and so I transition into YouTube that people can
see it and I was trying to be creative I would walk into really bad neighborhoods
I miss my neighborhood was alright and and show that what really looked like
and I walked through the housing projects I mean this stuff is still
there I ran from one side of North Avenue to the other
which is North avenues like a legendary ghetto street in Baltimore and yeah I
did but but long story strip 28 2011 I have found out about Bitcoin sorry about
the new the dream construction here in Australia and yeah I found that about
the big coin by 2011 through alternative economic sites I guess I shouldn’t
mention like in 2008 when we had the economic crisis I really started reading
more about economics that that’s when I I became interested in alternative
economics but I was still doing the Baltimore stuff but I would read a lot
because I worked for myself I had a lot of time to read alternative economic
blogs like Market Ticker and nish and I discovered Doug Casey and then
eventually gave your people who’s oddly enough it was from a shadier dude yeah
you know complete I calmed Umar’s that just think the whole thing just they
make their money off the Sun newsletters that the world is gonna end
you got to buy gold and look the world doesn’t end you don’t have to buy gold
that’s what you learned ten years later but they be talking about the same thing
for since the 70s maybe maybe that’s how I learned that big point and 2011-2012 I
kept hearing about it here and there here and there and everywhere but I
didn’t act upon it and finally in 2013 I got my first two big point at the end of
2010 in November of 2013 probably on this very day what’s a date I think I
got on the 16th of November it was right around when coinbase opened and I had
just gotten back from visiting someone in Detroit who a husband’s place with
and once I bought the first two I did my first video on the channel about about
Bitcoin i Baltimore ones but then 2014 I did it some more big pointed to 2015
more Bitcoin they got rid of the 2016 I stopped doing the Baltimore stuff
because they mean I was turning the election and nobody cared about it again
let us say to pull over and over but for me the Bitcoin thing took off
for me if people became much more interested in Bitcoin that Baltimore was
Baltimore’s just don’t people who care about Baltimore Baltimore people and
they don’t care but bitcoin is the subject the whole daughter world to get
behind and my you know slowly but surely the whole world our world did you get
behind it and I was talking about that habit of 2020 before the having of 2016
so it’s been fun yes so we had we had a very similar trajectory right because
that’s what I was realizing as I was looking at your videos because I I got
in around the same time like December 2013 Christmas morning is when I bought
my first dogecoin of December 2013 which led me down the rabbit hole because III
know I voted on Christmas Eve and that I woke up Christmas morning and all my
dogecoin were gone I had bought $50 worth through somebody on reddit using
PayPal is my first experience on reddit I had come across Doge I thought I had
already missed the Bitcoin thing without understanding at all what Bitcoin was
not realizing it was distributed and bought some Doge thinking I’d catch a
little pump make some money and I bought $50 where it’s just for fun and I lok up
the next morning I checked my Doge wallet outline and it was all got and I
was like there’s no way I was like there’s no way this technology works
like this I was like why are people you know so excited about this if if it’s if
you could so easily lose your money I was like there must be more to it I’m
like there must be something I’m missing here and that’s what led me down the
rabbit hole and I started understanding the encryption and the private key and
the public key and oh wow if you hold your own private key there there’s
really no way to ever lose your crypto and that’s when I then soon after maybe
a week or two later I bought my first Bitcoin and like yourself I I went down
the rabbit hole but I guess um what what happened with me and you know even in
the early days I’m sure you recall to kind of on reddit on the Bitcoin forums
hearing about the concept of blacklisting bitcoins and in the early
days of or you know around at that time 2014 it was kind of ignored there were
some people on reddit talking about it but it was like don’t worry about it
but it uh it kind of struck me then you know and not you know like oh wow this
is this is interesting you know it’s great you hold your own keys people
can’t take your Bitcoin they conceivably can’t stop you from sending it to
somebody but it’s a little weird that every transaction you make is forever
stored in this database for the for the world to view and it really hit home for
me when I when I experimented with sending bitcoins you know I sent I sent
a few to my friends bought some stuff online and as I was going through that
process I realized wow as I make this transaction this this is it this thing
saved forever and the people I’m sending money to could effectively look back and
look at my wallets like I sent a friend you know maybe ten dollars a Bitcoin and
I realized if this guy knew what he was doing he could go look at my wallet and
see how much Bitcoin I have which is you know granted he’s my friend but I don’t
see how this works then beyond that you know outside of that sphere right how is
this gonna work on a global level where everybody’s transacting and everything
is being you know traced in and watched and that was kind of the wake-up call
for me and you know I didn’t get into manera right then yeah I was still in
there a Bitcoin maximalist but did you did you have those kind of seeing that
we kind of started off on the same thing did you experience those similar
awakenings with with what potentially might be the flaws a Bitcoin well I will
tell you one of the things that really jumped out at me with that story is when
I got into at the same time you you know when I bought my first two you’re behind
your first Doge there were plenty of people saying oh the Bitcoin it’s
already done its we got to get into the next Vic we got to get into litecoin now
I had heard about I don’t know if there was it wasn’t it wasn’t called him in
there was there I mean I remember when I heard about manera for the first time
that was like in 2016 but I will tell you from the very beginning there were
people that we’re talking about we need something better than Bitcoin it isn’t
as prize as it should be or the pump is already
over in and so they from one perspective yeah I definitely I had heard about
alternatives now was I worried about the blacklisting stuff I read about the
blacklisting stuff but I didn’t didn’t really scare me that much and I think
one of the phrases that my not worried about it as much as I you know I didn’t
know as much about privacy I really thought Bitcoin was I probably
thought Bitcoin was a bit more private than it was eventually found out about
dark will be like what I remember from the privacy spaces one of those shady
characters talking about dark coin which became that and so that was my first
intro and that that I knew that it could be more private but I didn’t experiment
at all but I mean as time went on I did this is an interesting progression I
started realizing that these all coins most of them were just like what’s the
big difference between litecoin and Bitcoin I mean sober to gold I mean what
does it really do the first little niche that I appreciated was the privacy niche
and I saw I was talking about – and Manero people started contacting me
there’s another one and usually people started sending me Manero 2016 so that’s
that’s how I found about Manero and I really started seeing well there’s a
bacchanal in this privacy front it’s not just – it’s just in the Monaro people
would really battle the – people online it’d be all sorts of stuff so to this
very day I know that the private privacy is
something the Bitcoin could do better and could one day incorporate so I you
know do some of these all cleanings are totally worthless but I’ve always said
if the privacy ones have a lot of potential and you have some value
especially until big coin becomes more private in one way or the other
mm-hmm so what what do you see as because for me that was a real you know
awakening when I when I realize like I said I mean I think a lot of people
started using Bitcoin with the thinking that it is private
and that it is true digital cash you know just like I give you $100 in the
real world nobody knows I transacted that hundred dollars to you for all
intents and purposes it would Bitcoin that that’s not the case so what what do
you see as the value proposition of a Bitcoin what what is it that what is the
invention of Bitcoin the invention of cryptocurrency
for Bitcoin it gets your value out of a bad situation
and it makes sure that you’re always able to bring value to yourself it’s
it’s uncompensated bull and its unsensible the people you know we’ve got
we’ve got a problem right now when people are relying when we centralize
payment processors like PayPal to bring in their income on YouTube and then they
get cut off there’s nothing they can do you if PI pal kept cuts you out off
you’re totally relying on that’s it but if you give them simple Bitcoin address
or any crypto address no one no one can stop that though as best that especially
Bitcoin um it’s a way just to store value and to get it across borders since
it cannot be physically taken away from you it’s in your mind if you store the
private key in your mind so that those are the stupid things that Stan mean and
any again preserving people’s wealth in this time of inflationary in
hyperinflationary currencies can you and you can also uh if you want to for some
reason could you Dahlia purchases with it but it isn’t I mean you’re not tried
it with it doesn’t it doesn’t if you want to hide all your financial
transactions it’s not the thing for you I mean there are ways to become more
private with it but if you make one little mistake si it’s all out there
it’s it’s a way also keep your options everything is public you can account for
other people’s businesses if people are trying to raise funds through Bitcoin we
can see if they’re really doing it you can see if they are really bringing in
as much as they are if they’re as desperate as they say mm-hmm but you
know I agree so I ask you the value proposition they cuz that that’s what
led me to Manero as well right so I agree I believe the value proposition is
the fact that it’s you know censorship resistant and unconscious Kate
and that’s really what the core of the invention is right is you control your
own money you can send it at will to anybody else around the world peer to
peer without going through a third party and you know that that that will get it
will go from you directly to the other person but don’t use don’t you think
there’s you know so privacy aside privacy is obviously a nice feature to
have AI obviously fundamentally think it’s important but even on the even if
you’re just talking about the unconscious skateable features and the
censorship resistant features don’t those start to deteriorate
once privacy doesn’t exists so ex post facto you know I I may send you you know
I could press a button I could send you that Bitcoin for me to you it’s pretty
hard for anybody to stop me from sending it but now that they can go and look at
the blockchain see that you know essentially you know where we’re at
today seeing that you know most people purchase their their Bitcoin through
exchanges so we all know who these people are see that I sent my Bitcoin
for me to you and let’s say it was for something for what is said to be
something illegal ex post facto they can find me they could hunt me down or they
could find you and hunt you down and and take those take those bitcoins so
doesn’t it lose that censorship resistance when it when it’s not private
when it when it lacks those features in a civilized country like the United
States they would see that we did an illegal transaction and then they would
come to me and they would issue a warrant for my arrest or something like
I’d be there would be I think they could basically take the big one
they couldn’t threaten to put me in a cage and at that point I would I would
leave you can take your value with you so they couldn’t take the physical
Bitcoin they could figure out what they can I mean they they find you they could
you know say Adam you know give us give us your private keys you know we saw
that this transaction was was sent to you we viewed it on the blockchain
that’s in the United States they can’t they
can’t just do that maybe there’s got their visit there’s a rule of law here
there’s right it wouldn’t they want breaking down your doors and looking for
your treasure worth and this this juncture and maybe you could you could
you come in your treasure wouldn’t mean anything they couldn’t get they would be
unable to actually get the big coin you could give them a treasure I mean people
have multiple storage devices if it really came to that where your
government becomes that tyrannical all right where you see the government’s
between that tyrannical where they could just break into your house without a
warrant without ankeny it demands money another I mean wasn’t this done with
gold at some point wasn’t that and it’s something that happened I think you had
even spoken about once and no the goal but people knew it was going on they
were warned they said we’re doing gold confiscation if also they made Bitcoin
illegal or they said we have a special law if you sold drugs over the internet
with Bitcoin we can immediately just break down your door at any time at
night people who would have done that should know to get out of the country
now to get has become that ironical you get out now and that’s the beauty of
Bitcoin you can just leave country start a new in Australia or start a new in
South Africa or wherever I guess I guess what my point I I you know but what I
rely on the whole point of the cypherpunk movement and the crypto
anarchist movement is to not have to rely on on the law right it’s to build
code to build technology that’s agnostic to the law and just allows Liberty to
prevail through the technology itself so rather than hoping that tyranny doesn’t
exist you know or you know America is great you know we have our Constitution
it’s worked out pretty well but other countries aren’t as great you know we
look at countries like China or many countries throughout the world
I think you the whole the whole idea back to the
value proposition of Bitcoin and crypto is that through this technology you you
put you own your own wealth and you’re in total control of it so why not use
the most ideal form of that which is something that takes into account
maintaining people’s privacy which adds this extra layer of protection makes it
even more unconscious capable and more censorship resistant this is the thing
if the Bitcoin needs more privacy it needs there’s there’s no doubt about
it that it needs to be more private but you your scenario that you’re talking
about is a government wrenched attack any wrenched attack any person with any
cryptocurrency is susceptible if the government or some
mafioso figures out you’ve been selling drugs for monaro they could come in your
house and with a wrench and torture you and say give me that manera – and they
they could the privacy mistake would the privates they might not found out that
you did it through Monaro they somehow figure it out you were the guy online
selling drugs and they’re just guessing that you must have done it through
manera there’s there’s always going to be wrenched attack options out there
yeah but it was Manero it’s it’s less because you can just say you know I lost
my private keys right now if I lose my you can’t say that with Bitcoin because
then when they know when they see your Bitcoin move three years from now while
you obviously didn’t lose your private keys around your scenario and then the
wrench attack that would be quite difficult that would be quite if
somebody came to you and you claimed to have lost your Bitcoin private keys you
know we’re talking about still government whatever and now you know if
a year later you decide to actually move that Bitcoin you know with the
advancement in technology we’re seeing which chain analysis I mean it would it
would be like a and alert on somebody’s cup or somewhere
that Adam Meister just moved his move destroyed and as the world becomes more
prone to surveillance overall though I’m pretty sure they’ll know where adam
meister is is we can say government the government anthony suspects you’ve been
to advanced stuff with big coin they come to your house you say you lost your
private key they leave and then if you move the minute you move your private
key they know they moved your Bitcoin they know you were lying and then they
return and they capture you okay with manera it’s the same they suspected you
did something with Manero you say you lost your private key okay you they
leave you alone and they move your Manero in the future and they don’t know
because he was private okay so you got away with it but with the with the
vehicles so but with the big point after they left you alone you leave the
country okay so you’re gonna take an extra step to protect your big point
from that wrenched attack scenario there’s no
doubt about it yeah there’s there’s there’s no doubt you have to take an
extra step but you and still you’ll still have the big point in the end of
the day under that french attack scenario right so again i guess that’s
you know but it’s your argument that Manero is more private than Bitcoin yes
it is ya know yeah I don’t expect you to see and I’ve heard you say that on your
show and uh like I said but I’m just wondering then in your logic in and how
you’re making your decisions on which technology is superior and what the
obviously you agree that the censorship resistant aspect of it is essential
that’s what makes Bitcoin what it is if it started to lose that ability if you
probably wouldn’t care about it as much so I’m just trying to understand where
you’re drawing the line there for me it became important enough for us said you
know what I feel like this flaw is big enough the fact that it’s not private on
the protocol level right I know they’re trying to do things with Bitcoin to kind
of put a bandaid on it and you know maybe there’s different ways you could
you could create privacy but personally don’t believe it will ever be
private on the protocol level I would love to get your opinion on that I don’t
think you should and and then I personally believe that that’s a fatal
flaw to what it needs to be able that’s your opinion it’s so far so yeah what is
the that’s the reasoning what’s the reason as to why it’s not a
fatal flaw then why is that not essential why is privacy bill
fungibility on the protocol level why is that not essential we agree that
censorship resistance is essential because the guy is the governments of
the world have it United in a hundred percent tyrannical Union that’s why
they’ll always be a place where you won’t have to worry about privacy where
it won’t be people are not worried about privacy right now people just it’s not
something people worry about on any level I think people should be more
worried about privacy and everything that they do but it’s just not something
that people are desperate for right now people are desperate to protect their
money from hyperinflation people are desperate to control their own money and
not happening in a bank anymore people haven’t come to that desperation yet
when it comes to privacy and big Bitcoin is something that big financial players
are flocking into and they have a say in this too and they what a lot of people
will not flock in the Bitcoin if it was private on the UH private level protocol
level so I mean it’s just I mean this is a this is a freak market out there the
market has spoken so far and the money has flowed an interest is flowed it’s a
Bitcoin topside type of point and right but the privacy wonder in each one I
don’t see an evolving I don’t I don’t really I I see it then there will always
be people there’s so many blind people out there that do not care about privacy
at all it will never it will never come to a point where that is people’s
number-one concern and even like you know the the the the wealthiest of the
world that used Swiss banks and offshore accounts obviously these people you know
the the 20 percenters of the world as you would say
yes I understand the people that use Facebook everyday yeah they don’t care
about privacy but they their that’s why they’re 80 percenters but the 20
percenters that understand the value of it and not so much about privacy in that
oh I just don’t want people to know who I am but privacy in that I want my money
to be worth more than it is and it’s worth more than you know a million
dollars that the world knows about isn’t worth as much of as a million dollars
that I only I know about and I control there’s there’s a lot of Liberty and
power there in having that and I imagine the 20 percenters of the world would see
that as as an advantage so not so much as you know don’t not caring about
privacy for you know the philosophical reasons of why may be important but just
literally dollars and cents isn’t it wouldn’t you rather have a million
dollars that that you can control without anybody knowing about that you
could freely send anywhere in the world I mean isn’t that isn’t there value
there but there’s a there’s a good value proposition between behind these privacy
coins there really is but is it I mean sir some of these rich people they pay
their taxes they’re not trying to hide anything I just I mean you some will be
interested in let’s let’s see what the market what happens if people do pile
into them but there’s a certain there’s a certain compliance millionaire and
multimillionaire type of personality also where they want to follow every
single rule but they want to make they want to be rich also so they’re gonna
stay away from the primacy aspects of these points it will scare certain
people away and the other thing I think I’m gonna add if the value proposition
is so awesome and as you say it is and that everyone will want to be into I’m
an arrow type of coin then it will be incorporated into Bitcoin perhaps in the
base layer but I just don’t see that happening I don’t see that having so
that is the little bit a big point and that UK people are talking with this
nimble Wimble technology that it can be incorporated into the base layer a
Bitcoin eventually and they’re experimenting it with it on the light
points I don’t believe that there is to be a worldwide demand for that for
that to happen I don’t think there will be but if there is if your scenario
comes true the whole world wakes up like alright we this is the better coin this
we must have this type of privacy the big point will incorporate it and then
the the privacy points will be pointless at that point but I don’t think that’s
gonna happen that’s that’s my take on it so why is it that you feel like Bitcoin
will always involve evolve and incorporate whatever what where’s that
uh that logic coming from I mean it has the most people working on it by Florida
has the most developers working on it has the greatest right now I travel
around the whole world they talk about they don’t ask me about nimbala or the
narrow or – they’re asking about Bitcoin it’s you know you go to I went to Reza
did was in Hong Kong now over a year ago and some guy asked me how do I get the
light point version Bitcoin I mean it’s synonymous with cryptocurrency
it is the dominant one and I don’t I don’t see if losing its dominance at all
I mean hi can I interview people all over the world that are involved with
deep finance that are involved with defy and all we base is always big is this
not gonna flip all the sudden it’s like we’ve had these threats of the flip
inning for so long it keeps so they’re all come I say let them compete let them
keep on coming up with all these these altcoins it’s just no one has been able
to even come close to climbing that mountain yet and I don’t see it
happening I really don’t see it happening it’s just it’s it’s already it
stayed up – its position and it’s peaking so many different threats all
the other coins would have to beat out all those threats figure out at scale
and figure and all this stuff and then somehow spread I mean it’s finally come
out like something would have to break seriously with Bitcoin I don’t foresee
that either because if it’s got the most people working on it mana monitoring it
right now oh by the way someone good someone in the with someone in the talk
just was sent 499 to protect grim talk his name is Unger yeah he’s talking
about that somebody donated 50 Bitcoin to to green someone an
original maker someone who got a long time I actually heard actually saw Agron
talked the other day yeah he’s gotta get good up and coming show grin focus yeah
the other day the green top guy so okay yeah I think that’s right i discovered
it yeah you’re sorry sorry we’re gonna switch to your channel we could keep it
we could keep it here and for for simplicity purposes no no what you want
to do it you want should we do the Flip now then you I’ll do it so this is Jesse
we’re using everybody so all you content creators use this Gypsys thing you can
interview people again we just had so here’s the thing we’re going to be this
is gonna be the intermission we’re gonna go to the Monaro talk channel now what
can you link can you send me before we get off there in this little chat on the
side can you send me a link to your channel so I will just stop I’m putting
in the regular chat so they can all go to your channel and watch the show over
there so here okay you see it there alright dudes this is this is good stuff
this is very good people are interested in listening in there while you take off
so I’m gonna send it on the on the jitsi chat you got it oh no Oh Adam you there think he’s having some
issues alright we’ll kill it here and we’ll come back you you


5 thoughts on “The 1 Bitcoin Show- Monero Talk interviews Adam Meister live!”

  • Bitcoin can be confiscated, you become the collateral for your “unconfiscatable” asset and you will end up giving it up in exchange for leniency.
    This is why there’s many documented cases of bitcoin being seized.

  • Monero has a leader there end of argument its useless……also why would this guy think that showing his face all over the internet saying he has monero think its a good idea

    hes done now too …. does he see the irony in this?

  • There's so many logical fallacies this dude is making it would require an article to explain… but here's some…
    Monero is not more anonymous than Bitcoin (assuming your IQ is greater than 60). The most important foundation for any private network is anonymity set, which Monero has a tiny one.
    Two ways to buy Monero:
    1) Dollars
    2) Bitcoin
    If you buy with dollars, you now have your legal identity included in Monero's anonymity set forever. Congrats.
    If you buy with Bitcoin using a public key associated with your legal name, you're tagged in their anonymity set again. If you're buying with Bitcoin in such a way that protects your privacy, you're too smart to think Monero is interesting in the first place.

    It's very easy to prove that you have an association to Monero if you're being investigated for whatever reason. The fact that Monero has one sole objective: to make your payments anonymous, is itself enough for the government to label you a criminal, just by having an association to this network. The fact that you can't prove your balance can actually be a bad thing (authorities aren't going to just take your word for it, LOL). In Bitcoin, basically no one holds a large portion of their wealth in one public key… So the fact that an authority may be able to prove that you have access to X bitcoin is a huge benefit to you if X is small (which it should be if you're using Bitcoin properly)

    Bitcoin's anonymity set is HUGE. That means you can do things like co-sign transactions with multiple peers (coin-join) and make any chain analysis done past that point speculative and meaningless. There's 10 ways I can think of off the top of my head to break chain analysis that doesn't even need coin-joins. In 2013 it was difficult. In 2019 you can literally automate it so its done for you with no effort at all.

    If you think linking a Bitcoin public key to a legal name is easy, I'd love to send 1 BTC to a friend – give you their public key, wait for you to tell me his/her name, and you get the 1 BTC when you discover their name. You'll quickly discover it's almost impossible to do unless you're sending to someone who has their public key associated with their legal name on a very large exchange.

    Monero has 2 fatal flaws:
    1) constant willingness to hardfork (will never have hodler confidence when you constantly prove you can change the fucking protocol anytime you want)
    2) transactions that are way too large — keeping usage small — making it very difficult to get a large anonymity set in the future

  • Wow, I’m seeing lots of miss information in these comments. If you think Bitcoin is more anonymous than Monero you are either a fool or you are intentionally trying to spread misinformation for your own benefit. You are putting people at risk by misinforming them. It is irresponsible and unethical. Everyone, please do your own research. Anyone that is telling you Bitcoin is somehow more private that Monero or that Bitcoin is fungible is 100% indisputably incorrect. Bitcoin is great in many ways for all that it has achieved, but it is indisputably flawed if your intent is to use it as digital gold or cash.

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