The 1 Bitcoin Show- Andy Hoffman BTC price observation, Venezuela, Hold chart, Steemit

The 1 Bitcoin Show- Andy Hoffman BTC price observation, Venezuela, Hold chart, Steemit

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
April the 11th 2018 strong hand personal responsibility is the new counterculture
fitting in is overrated hey and remember people it all starts with one Bitcoin
that’s why we call this the one Bitcoin show let that be your first goal get one
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Bergen Norway haha going back to Europe I’ve never been to Norway I’m excited
it’s supposedly a very wealthy country I’ll give you some reports from there
and eat a lot of fish hopefully healthy fish and that is May the 15th until June
the 4th all right so laughter that I don’t know after June the 4th where I’ll
be so and in Norway if you want me to visit you in Oslo we can work on
something maybe give me some IDs das email me alright so um I don’t usually
comment on the Fiat price but the great Andy Hoffman has a great tweet out there
and he has an interesting observation that will uh gets me thinking about this
what’s going on with the Fiat price this is the first thing I’m reading here and
this is linked to below if Bitcoin spends next 12 to 24 hours mysteriously
pegged around 69 30 then shoots up to 70 100 and settles at around 70 30 will
note something big he’s taking someone big is taking a huge position and that
was in follow-up to a tweet and I should probably read this one first
of his that says is it a coincidence that on bitstamp bitcoin was essentially
pegged to 66 30 on Friday 67 34 most of yesterday and last night around 68 30 at
les I and 68 30 today and will it still be a coincidence if the next day or so
it suddenly jumps to 69 30 and gets pegged there so yeah he’s noticing some
patterns there where it’s it’s hanging around the well the 30 mark in it within
a 100 number and then it jumps 100 the next day
III don’t know if someone is playing around if there’s a big
person keeps on buying or selling at that number it is an interesting
observation the free market is a wild wacky place where people can do all
sorts of things I don’t know I thought it I thought it was it I thought it was
interesting I don’t usually talk about these type of things to check out Andy
Hoffman also and he’ll definitely keep you up to be his twitter is great and
it’s linked to below and of course check him out of crypto gold central com all
right I wonder well first of all everyone pound that frickin like button
and yeah it’s it’s late at night getting close to midnight after midnight all
right so uh yeah after the 11th after the 15th that’s tax day are we gonna
notice is it will these games end with the sixty seven thirty sixty eight
thirty sixty nine thirty will there be a big boost in price after April 15th once
everyone’s done cashing out foolish to cashing out their Bitcoin to pay their
taxes we’ll see I’m patient longtime long-term thinking strong hand if it
goes up it goes up it will be interesting to observe if there will be
if the mood will change after this weekend because April 15th is a Sunday
I think taxes are due on the 17th obviously I’ve already paid my taxes I
try to take care of that early all right something I’ve noticed I think we’re
gonna look back on some of these up banking practices and banking related
practices is old-fashioned very soon because of Bitcoin and these are things
that I’ve actually witnessed slightly let me uh let me tell you about that a
credit card of mine because I’d be not buying paying with my credit card for
these Airbnb ease my credit card decided that this is a not normal usage of my
card so they have sent me an email or a text I think it was telling me them you
know I have to call them so yeah I’m not in control of my money or my bet your
bank can do the same exact thing just shut you down until you contact them
which is a pain truly a pain and they’re keeping track of you which is uh you
know you signed up for it eat one day with the Bitcoin once we cut out those
middlemen we’re not got to deal with these these little love peculiarities
anymore then another thing auctions I don’t know if a lot of you have attended
our real estate auctions before but something old-fashioned that you have to
do with these things is you have to bring with a $5,000 if you’re gonna bid
you gonna bring with a $5,000 or $10,000 cashier’s check it can be a pain in the
butt depending on your bank you have to pay you sometimes you have to pay five
bucks for the cashier’s check I mean you can’t just bid with a personal check you
can’t just write a check they’re not gonna let you big because you gotta have
the money right there you got to prove to them you have the money and the way
you do it is with a cashier’s check or I guess if you have a briefcase full of
cash but they might not like that very much
maybe they will depending on who you’re a real estate auction person is but now
they should and some of these guys have people online bidding at the same time
as people the auction house are bidding live in something that’s gonna change
this is the big coin you just come in there you’re like here I’ll send you two
cents for my this address that clearly has five thousand dollars worth of
Bitcoin at it here watch me do this and that’ll prove that you have five
thousand dollars for real that you can you can send to them as the deposit
immediately if they so need it if you win the if you win the auction so
there’s there’s a Bitcoin will make all that old-fashioned very soon but I think
that that if you have been to a real estate auction before you’ll really
you’ll really get that I don’t know how many you guys out there have I know
there’s a lot of younger people out there who are don’t really have that
much economic experience which is alright I’m glad you’re out you’re out
there learning and this is this is a great way to get into finance it’s
better than not buying a buying houses in Baltimore in Reservoir Hill or
wherever West Baltimore not a Baltimore baby all right it’s no
seriously getting into real estate is not an easy thing you know there’s a lot
of a lot of 80 percenters to try to get into that you can get it’s bad there’s
people who may ask the guy should I spend so my big point on real estate
know especially in inner cities in the inner city or even if you’re dealing
with section 8 dude and I have and I had never dealt with section 8 praise Hashem
uh you know I was on silly enough to do anything with section eight in my life
but I know young people young guys have gotten into dealing with section 8
tenants know do you think you’re getting an easy check isn’t no that’s not easy
that that’s that’s bad that’s been so anyway real estate is uh it’s a lot of
government intervention section eight is government and intervention it that
wrecks with if you’re a renter that wrecks your price a little bit that
artificially inflates it enough enough talk don’t get into those games that the
government plays a big role in the real estate market is it is it’s not for
beginners I will tell you that I and it’s not for impulsive people either and
a game cryptocurrency way better that’s a new thing
be ever be a renter be an air B&B or who travels all around the world
it’s carefree trust me I have owned real estate before and it is it’s it’s it
could be a constant worry and constant liability to say Bitcoin is not a
liability that it’s um as we say I’m confiscating all your real estate can be
confiscated confiscated and it’s lawsuit proof and
dude if you own real estate you are just a target of lawsuits again there’s
section eight ladies man get you with that lead poisoning they’ll feed their
kids freakin lead paint no I don’t say it’s made up don’t say it’s made up that
that happens if they are some of the people out there it’s unfortunate they
themselves have kids as kids and they don’t know what the heck they’re doing
once they have kids they’ll do anything for money it’s it’s very sad very sad
but you don’t want to deal with sir peeps us people in life you know you
know we’re talking about 80 percenters it’s far worse than 80 percent alright
so let’s talk about steam it real quick here god I skip the whole thing steam it
my bike guy Justin out Los Angeles who I hope to see soon
he just wrote a poem on steam it and that’s the cool thing about
cryptocurrency man you can be a creative type a poet person a musician and if
you’re in motion you can find a way to get into this game and get some mix of
Bitcoin so if you’re an artiste and I know like New York dude he um he does
cartoons on there so look I’m giving you I’m giving you already studies you see
you all say oh I’m bad with money I’m gonna go live in a the copycat building
in Baltimore with eight other people and pay $400 friend okay it’s a good way to
save money it’s a good way to do drugs too but um and I don’t encourage that
dude but have it make some money make some money here make it into the crypto
evolved from being the starving artist at the copycat building you’re not
Baltimore ah sweet memories if anybody from Baltimore is listening to know what
is because Baltimore people kind of yeah I don’t want to generalize but they
don’t they like to complain they don’t they’ve not in motion a lot of them but
I know something of a mature over time I’ve seen some people who were artists
once to become businessmen and that that’s a good uh and they can still be
artistic and hey play around with steam it you’ll be a businessman and he’ll be
artistic still and hey you Justin out in Los Angeles you made me made me go on
that whole little ramp there and and there’s all God and I did when I was in
Los Angeles I remember I had a video check out my archives of course
everything’s linked to below you know about the creative people out there that
should all band together and just should all get on the steam and upload each
other because they’re there’s so many creative people in Los Angeles that are
broke as they just become waiters and waitresses and oh god I I would hate to
be that man and this gives you a lot of freedom if
if you get into this this type of thing be in motion artists people and yeah
come out to the event on on April 17th in in Century City I hope to meet
artists and anyone and I will answer all your questions I’ll talk for as long as
necessary before during and after man I had nothing else to do when I’m out
there but dude cryptocurrency Bitcoin related stuff and I can’t wait to get to
sunny California baby and of course this weekend st. Louis will be nice too but
st. Louis is the same temperature as Baltimore usually st. Louis is the
Baltimore of the Midwest it is it is and that’s not saying much
I weeks I live for years in st. Louis when I went to watch in University and
it is uh yeah it’s very very similar we’re not gonna get to that now all
right the hold chart or hot old chart Niraj it’s got a tweet he made a chart
that shows the daily mentions of huddle that term on reddit overtime and it
really peaked George you know around December
you know people using the word which is kind of good you know you’re doing all
that euphoria there were a lot of people talking huddle hold but now that people
are like we handed and selling it’s gone all the way it’s going down and that’s
not too good I keep on talking about hold I don’t like to use hot I don’t
like the word huddle I don’t like it I like to say hold but hey that’s my
preference you can do what you want to do check out their chart that chart
below make your own observations and conclude your own conclusions all right
yeah and I don’t even a bitcoinmeister tech bought te CH PG alt on Twitter you
know that’s representing my Baltimore background as I am from Baltimore but
I’m gonna be out of Baltimore on Friday and I don’t think I’ll be back until
Rosh Hashanah but hey all right so then as well
Gabriel Venezuela sent me this message and I’m gonna read a word-for-word my
gosh then as well in fiat is being horribly remember last Friday we
talked it was down a hundred and ten percent from last week’s level now it’s
two hundred and seventy percent down Bulevar x’ are being traded at six
hundred thirty thousand Bulevar per dollar i think that’s what it is it was
two hundred thirty thousand two weeks ago i think it’s due to the upcoming
elections and the pressure on local Bitcoin markets me only is the only
point of relief and people banks and big enterprises here are trying to buy
Bitcoin with their boulevards to buy petrol at a discount through local
through local bitcoins thus pushing the price up up up it was two point three
billion now insists it 4.3 billion bolivars per one Bitcoin whoa 4.3
billion boulevards per one Bitcoin at normal people with luck earn five
million a month that’s not good well I just wanted you to know the
current situation you were you will hear it on the main news in a few more days
have fun peace alright the bottom line to this is
that the Bulevar is it’s inflating even worse and there’s elections coming up
and people are worried so they’re trying to get their hands on something real and
that real thing is Bitcoin he also mentions the petrol so I’m sure the
government is gonna try to pump up their petrol during this to if it does really
exist who knows if it does or not all right that’s the end of the Bitcoin part
of the show and you know get the air guys from Venezuela it’s great to get
live reports from Gabriel and Maximilian everyone so I just jotted this down from
the scrap piece of paper when I hear everyone talking about Facebook and how
angry they are at Facebook guess what everyone Facebook is it you know they’re
in front of the congressional Mark Zuckerberg Zuckerberg is in front of the
congressional committees and you think they’re gonna get off
scot-free trust me they’re gonna get off the hook I’m if they even did anything
you know morally wrong I’m sure they probably did something morally wrong I
don’t know about legally I’m not worrying about it too much okay
I’m not obsessed with Facebook but a lot of people are because they’re gonna get
off the hook because and in terms of their telling you what if you’re hooked
on Facebook they’re showing you the news they’re telling you what’s the news
they’re telling you what’s real they’re telling you what’s fake and they’re
gonna get away with it and then it could become stronger because the eighty
percent don’t want to make their own decisions they want some big group to
tell them what to do David they’re not just followers and that’s that’s the
word out there how many followers do you have on Twitter on Facebook on all these
social medias well these 80 percentage are truly followers they all have they
don’t want to make decisions they you know they’ll go to the schools they’re
told to go to the else if someone says this is the real news if it’s cool to
vote for this person they’ll vote for this person whoever than whatever the
the crowd goes with it they will do what they will do whatever it takes to fit in
they don’t want to be alone and it’s a and I’m saying it’s more likely that
that they’re gonna you know they uh they’ll allow Facebook to tell them who
their health insurance will be me I think it’s more likely that Facebook
will be deciding people’s health insurance then Facebook will get in be
rejected because of all this because right now there’s all this huge uproar
we’re dropping Facebook we’re not gonna know don’t worry that all the eighty
percentage will stick with it because they love to be told what it’s what to
do and yeah probably Facebook will be a be the official teller of who your
insurances they’ll pick your insurance for you soon enough but further for the
80% at least the 20 percenters out there who can think for themselves who will
have their Bitcoin so just like you know whatever we’ll we’ll use our steam it
you can have your Facebook we’re gonna make money while you guys are stuck in
your your own little world out there so for all of you who think is the end of
the word for Facebook you don’t get 80% okay they
want to be told what to do alright alright so that’s that’s the end of the
show rant of the day as you can see if you’re watching this not live right now
click on the links that are up there on the screen right now look at them up
there that real nice click on them subscribe count that like button i’m
adam i should bake one measure to disrupt meister romero subscribe this
channel likes to do shows when you check out the new section below i’ll say hi to
you guys in the chat right now bye


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  • no, us women still want our own little property nest….
    so property can still be viable-just register it directly at the deeds office, buy cash or direct from owner with down payment agreement and keep all documents in blockchain/ paper format outside the system. Then execute your rights as man on the land under common law (man to man contracts, man to man money…..waytogo!!) on how you operate your property.
    Also very helpful to register as world citizen and get a world passport! wwwdotworldservicedotorg

  • In regards to your Facebook rant (thanks for that, by the way), if anyone's interested in a Facebook-like social network, but one based on privacy (so it doesn't sell your data to advertisers), they should check out We have some good cryptocurrency groups there, so I'd love to see more of us using that site, instead of Facebook (or instead of Facebook using us).

  • Russell Spears says:

    I was a landlord and it sucked ass….always a call that cost more money and your rights and taxes on the property changes when your not living there and most importantly renters are always reintroducing "trust issues" back into your value – where Bitcoin removes it and offers much better returns!

  • MichihiroHonda says:

    Bergen is super expensive and it never stops raining there. Really nice city though and the nearby fjords are amazing.

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