XRP Party is a TERRIBLE Platform [Crypto Dapp Yap – “Hiding in Plain Sight”]

Muddy, Muddy, Muddy Mo, Muddy Mo Muddy Muddy Mo! What’s up crypto world, it’s your boy Muddy Mo aka the king of minnows aka the dapp whitepaper gawd! and this is crypto dapp yap. So today we’re gonna talk about a new dapp that’s coming out XRP party alright so a couple of things you already know man […]


How’s it going YouTube… Crypto NWO here… another mystery box, this is how the sides of the box look like… That’s how the top of the box looks like Have pink gloves over here. They’re pretty thick pretty safe gloves if you ask me got our handy-dandy box cutter over here That’s gorgeous That’s gorgeous. This one’s so […]

Crypto Exchange Bitrue Goes All-In on XRP, Expands Huge Number of Base Pairs on Its Platform

[Music] hello folks you have reached the cryptocurrency portal and today we’re going to go over information about x RP x RP x RP and of course the company ripple but the digital asset that we’ll focus on is of course X R P actually the first thing I want to go over is this bit true you […]

Bitcoin $100,000 Price Prediction! Ripple XRP Adoption! (Cryptocurrency/BTC News + Trading Analysis)

what’s going on guys Patrick here bring you a brand new video today we’re under the kilt video if you guys full of information today we’ll be talking about the $100,000 Bitcoin price prediction we’re also gonna be like at some XRP news Bitcoin technical analysis as well as tons of other news that went on in the […]

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