Turn what’s possible, into what’s real with Central Bank.

When was the last time you looked at Central Bank? We mean really looked at what’s possible when you combine leading-edge technology with a bank who can make important decisions locally. And who can help you turn what’s possible, into what’s real. Take a new look at the world of possibilities with Central Bank. Strong roots. Endless possibilities.

SVK Crypto… 1 year in Crypto in 100 seconds

Opportunity. That’s why we’re all here and it’s one big opportunity it’s probably the biggest opportunity that I’ve seen in the last 20 years This is the time to build, this is the time to have real time with people and to build relationships. It’s not just about writing checks, it’s not just about capital allocation it’s about […]

SVK Crypto speaking at the Global Fintech & Blockchain Conference

I’m here at Imperial College London the heart of the education institute – we’re here to talk about blockchain technology to around 750 students here tonight so we’re feel honored and privileged to be invited down as it is London town that it’s our home turf advantage. My name is Charles Storry, I’m head of strategic partnerships at […]

When EOS Rules The World – SVK Crypto London Meetup

We are here tonight to celebrate SVK Crypto’s monthly meetup. Tonight is all about EOS the EOS.IO protocol When EOS rules the world. SVK Crypto you know consistently puts on high quality events here in the heart of London we’re at another wework event tonight it’s a great space here downtown and I’m just super excited to engage […]