Populism in the West and India — interview with Dr. Raghuram G. Rajan | VIEWPOINT

Dr. Rajan: And yet there’s no will to recognize we’re part of the same world, that we all want to make our country great. That’s a recipe for disaster. Sadanand: My guest today is Dr. Raghuram Rajan from the University of Chicago. He needs no introduction. He’s one of the most well-known economists on the planet. Welcome to […]

XRP Party is a TERRIBLE Platform [Crypto Dapp Yap – “Hiding in Plain Sight”]

Muddy, Muddy, Muddy Mo, Muddy Mo Muddy Muddy Mo! What’s up crypto world, it’s your boy Muddy Mo aka the king of minnows aka the dapp whitepaper gawd! and this is crypto dapp yap. So today we’re gonna talk about a new dapp that’s coming out XRP party alright so a couple of things you already know man […]

How One of the Biggest Banks Decided to Do a Deal with the Devil

Here’s how one of the biggest banks in the world, HSBC, started laundering Mexican Cartel money! Wait until you hear about the extremely simple trick to hide everything! Move That Dough Mexican Cartels are essentially huge businesses. Huge, illegal businesses that generate MASSIVE amounts of income. We’re essentially talking about billions of dollars a year. And things aren’t […]

LFC TRANSFER : Liverpool to cash in Winger sell on clause

the freezing red Liverpool has gained a reputation as they insert a operative in the transfer market in prison season Macau advance has been buying love and Sterling Heights boosting the basement at every return because we said 400 boost as the red look likely to benefit from the German TD sail on clouds we really need to […]

Naveed Ihsanullah, Head of Engineering at Algorand, Talks Future of Blockchain

(upbeat music) – Naveed, thank you for joining us for future blockchain discussions for 2019. I Really appreciate you taking the time. Maybe a fun thing to do would be tell us a little bit about how you got into the world of crypto. – Sure, well, it’s a pleasure to be here, thank you for inviting me. […]

Who Owns Your Banking Data?

New technology is changing the banking world one transaction at a time. Fintech or financial technology is giving more opportunities to change the way consumers interact with their money. The new landscape has created a movement called open banking, which is fighting for banks and fintech companies to be a bit more transparent with their customers. Plaid is […]

Sankofa: Decolonizing Wealth with Edgar Villanueva

– Um, Edgar’s book has already been really important for me, in helping to inform the Sillerman Center’s work. Our mission is to inform and advance social justice philanthropy And I’m just gonna give out one Sillerman shout-out to Denise Porche, over here, who did not want me to do a shout-out. (people laugh) This is Denise Porche […]

Universal Postal Union and mail-order opiates — interview with James Campbell | VIEWPOINT

Jim: Customs and security scrutiny of inbound postal packages is much less than is applied to all other packages. The international drug dealers are very well aware of the situation. Richard: Jim Campbell, you’re an internationally recognized postal policy expert and an attorney who’s done a lot of work for Federal Express. And you’re also an expert on […]

Alex Tapscott: Can Africa Lead the Crypto Revolution, Corporate & Private Blockchains

Hey everyone, today I’ll be joined by Alex Tapscott. He’s the author of “Blockchain Revolution” and will soon be releasing his new book, “Financial Services Revolution”. Welcome, Alex, to the show, let’s get straight into the first question. I know that Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, said that Africa will be the defining region of the future. […]

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