How three companies became the market’s biggest shareholders | Charts that Count

In recent years three companies have amassed so many assets in the public markets that they’ve come to eclipse all other investors in terms of size and market power. So here’s the deal. People are really bad at picking which stocks are going to succeed and which stocks are going to fail. You may have heard the example […]


Bitcoin pushes up close to $9000 as it outperforms many other commodities, and is messaging coupled with payments the next big thing for cryptocurrency? Let’s start the show! Welcome back to crypto global news, thanks to tuning into today’s show – I am Edward, we would really appreciate it if you like, share and subscribe, enjoy today’s episode. […]

ACTUAL Price Action Secrets Revealed, Part 1: stock + bitcoin market today

hey guys Josiah here from today I’m going to do a quick video on some bitcoin price action principles that I think are important and that I’ve been kind of making some adjustments and trying to implement in my own trading in market today, some things that I’ve learned about price action recently and I think you’ll […]