10.01.2020: USD gains favor with investors: outlook for USD/JPY, AUD/USD

Today investors are anticipating the release of the US non-farm payrolls report. Many speculators are betting on strong US jobs data. If so, the greenback will surely benefit from it.The USDX dollar index continues to trade sideways in the range between 97.40 and 7.50. If the US labor market shows a strong performance, the US dollar will gain […]

19.12.2019: USD stays firm despite news on possible Trump’s impeachment.

Market participants doubt the possibility of Donald Trump’s impeachment. The US House of Representatives voted on Wednesday to impeach President Donald Trump. The case will now advance to a trial in the Senate where the majority is represented by the Republicans. They are most likely to unanimously support Trump as he is a member of the party. The […]

17.12.2019: USD advances after lackluster performance: outlook for USD/JPY, AUD/USD

Market sentiment is slightly improving. The US dollar is gaining momentum as the main US stock indexes are near new historical highs. Versus its major rivals, the greenback rose to the level of 97.00. Market participants cheered up after the release of a positive report on US business activity in key sectors of the economy. After the reports […]

11.12.2019: USD fails to rally (USD/JPY, AUD/USD)

Today’s Asian session was unfolding briskly. Meanwhile, traders are awaiting crucial economic reports from the US such as inflation data as well as the Fed’s decision on the interest rate and its outlook for the monetary policy. After falling to 97.51 at the beginning of the trading week, the US dollar index inched up in the Asian session. […]

18.11.2019: Traders selling off JPY and USD in Asian trade (USDX, JPY, USD, AUD)

During the Asian session, traders pursued the cautious trade amid uncertainty over the US-China trade deal and a possible cut in China’s repo rate for the first time since 2015. Besides, the ongoing protests in Hong Kong added fuel to the fire. As a result, the decline in the yield of US Treasuries undermined the US dollar across […]

20.09.2019: USD weighed down by world’s central banks monetary policies (USDX, JPY, USD, AUD)

Massive weakening of the US dollar became the main driving force in the Asian-Pacific session in the last trading day of this week. The optimistic news on Brexit and easing trade tensions between the US and China gave hope to the market participants. However, the escalating geopolitical tensions in the Middle East are reducing appetite for risk among […]

Japan digital currency exchange hacked, losing $60 million

Hackers have stolen 6.7 billion yen ($60 million) worth of cryptocurrencies from a Japanese digital currency exchange, the operators said Thursday Tech Bureau Corp. said a server for its Zaif exchange was hacked for two hours last week, and some digital currencies got unlawfully relayed from what’s called a “hot wallet,” or where virtual coins are stored at […]

Bitcoin or Gold?

Wednesday June 26 2009 teen from an echo 64 home of alternative economics and contrarian views this morning I want to talk about crypto currencies specifically Bitcoin and precious metals and gold what I think about both many comments I get is you know gold is not doing anything I'll have a look at Bitcoin and I do […]