Unraveling the Central Banks’ Misbehavior (w/ Jim Grant & Bill Fleckenstein)

Jim Grant: Hello. I’m Jim Grant. I am with my friend, Bill Fleckenstein. And let me just say that I met Bill during the panic of 1907. And we have known each other so long, we could almost—Bill Fleckenstein: Almost finish each others’ sentences. JG: It’s true. I think, actually, we got to know each other during the […]

Will Central Banks Use QE to Prevent a Liquidity Crisis? (w/ Michael Howell)

MICHAEL HOWELL: I’m Mike Howell. I’m Managing Director of Crossborder Capital. We’re a fund management and research company based in London. My background prior to that was that I was at Salomon Brothers involved in research. And what we focus on almost entirely is global liquidity and capital flows worldwide. We think that the world economy is clearly […]

🔴 Is A U.S. Recession Coming? with Raoul Pal | Recession Watch

So today I’m gonna talk to you as Ralph’s pal from global macro investor not real vision because real vision doesn’t have a view of our markets and a view about economies But I do have a view I’ve got a strong view that’s been developing for a while Now as most of you know, I’m a student […]

The Impending Jobs Crisis, Debt Crisis, Big Tech’s Future, & Active Management (w/ John Mauldin)

Grant Williams: All right, John Mauldin, it’s that time of year again. We’re back for the Strategic Investment Conference. John Mauldin: That was last week. I know, right? Was that a year? It’s crazy. God. It’s crazy. You and I seem to find ourselves in the same ZIP code so often around the world. And every time you […]

Bitcoin, Silicon Valley, & The Future of Money (w/ Tim Draper & Mike Green)

MIKE GREEN: Tim, you’re the closest thing to a scion of venture capital in Silicon Valley that exists. Third generation, and now you’ve brought your son Adam into the business, as well, I guess, your daughter. TIM DRAPER: My daughter, Jessie, runs the Halogen Ventures. She only backs women. MG: She only backs women. Interesting. And now I […]

🔴 Will a Currency Crisis Bring Down China? (w/ Kyle Bass & Raoul Pal)

RAOUL PAL: Kyle, fantastic to have you back again. It’s been a while. End of last year, you created quite a sensation with a series of interviews. started with Grant interviewing you about your views on China and some other views. That led us into a series of interviews that were sensational, I think, to say the least. […]

🔴 Peter Schiff Talks Gold & Potential Sovereign Debt Crisis | Real Vision Classics

So we’re here in Westport Connecticut today with the one and only Peter Schiff Peter welcome to real vision Well, thanks for having me on real vision my pleasure to be here Most people that are even casually familiar with the gold world have either come across you have heard of you But for the few who haven’t […]

Hashgraph: The Blockchain Killer? (w/ Leemon Baird)

There’s been a lot of speculation about cryptocurrencies are they the future of Finance or just another fad These digital assets have divided the investing public and even the academics who study them the one thing we know for sure They’ve made some of their founders and early investors spectacularly rich This series gives you the chance to […]

🔴 How Will Bitcoin & Crypto Shift The Financial System? | Recession Watch

DAN TAPIERO: Bitcoin was down 85% from the high and as an old time macro guy, you’re looking to buy things that have gone down 85%, 90% after a blow-off. That’s what it is. I think it’s a security truth machine. Okay, well, Amazon, that’s worth a trillion dollars itself stuff on the internet. But is that as […]