Who to Fear: Iran or the Fed? | The Big Conversation | Refinitiv

ROGER HIRST: The first trading day of 2020 saw the S&P make another new all time high before news of the U.S. attack on an Iranian general reversed the gains on the following day. Now, although geopolitics are dominating the headlines, it could be a change in momentum of the US Federal Reserve’s repo operations that poses the […]

Fiscal Stimulus and the Risk of Runaway Inflation (w/ Kevin Muir)

ED HARRISON: Kevin Muir, it is a pleasure to talk to you. I think this is the third time that you’ve been on Real Vision now. I’m very looking forward to this conversation. We’re going to talk a little bit about investing, macro, we’re going to talk about Canada in particular. Let’s start it off with what are […]

Inflationary Pressure–The Biggest Risk No One’s Considered? (w/ Kit Juckes)

KIT JUCKES: Hi, I’m Kit Juckes. I’m chief foreign exchange strategist at Societe Generale, whatever that means. I’ve been working with them since 2010 here in London. I went to work for them because my mum banked with them. Before that, I worked at a small hedge fund in the West End for a while. Spent a long […]

Update on the Coming Currency Crisis: Re-Visiting the Dollar Milkshake Theory (w/ Brent Johnson)

BRENT JOHNSON: My name is Brent Johnson, I am the CEO of Santiago Capital in San Francisco. The dollar milkshake theory is something I coined about 18 months ago. Essentially what it is, is I believe that the central banks over the last 10 years have created this milkshake of all these different currencies, they’ve pushed liquidity into […]

China’s Slowdown | The Big Conversation | Refinitiv

ROGER HIRST: Last week, when Donald Trump signed the bipartisan bill requiring an annual review of trade between the US and Hong Kong, it was seen as just another escalation in the ongoing trade tensions between the US and China. But in many ways, those trade tensions are detracting from some very real changes which are taking place […]

Are CLOs the New Mortgage-Backed Securities? (w/ Danielle DiMartino Booth & Peter Boockvar)

DANIELLE DIMARTINO BOOTH: Hello. Joining us today is Peter Boockvar, Chief Investment Officer of Bleakley Advisory Group. I’ll introduce him by saying he is as close to on Wall Street as being a brother from a different mother. For me. We’ve gotten to know each other very well over the years. The work that we started to do […]

Declining Interest Rates as Central Banks Scramble to Prop Up the Stock Market (w/ David Rosenberg)

ED HARRISON: David Rosenberg, we’re here in your town, Toronto, talking to you about what’s happening, about the calls that you made before. But I want to talk also a little bit about Canada and, looking forward, whether or not it’s the same view. Last time we were talking, I think you were talking about defensives on the […]

When the Central Banks and Their Monetary Policy Aren’t Enough (w/ Christophe Ollari)

CHRISTOPHE OLLARI: I’m Christophe Ollari and I designed a few years ago a global macro, multi-currency, multi-asset research, and this after roughly 20 years of trading in banks and hedge fund. I think that just even before I’m looking at the details of the ECB package, I think what is very important, it’s a year ago, the ECB […]

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