Blockchain Could Be the Answer for 9.7 Billion Undocumented Individuals | Karma Network

Driver’s licenses and passports are a thing of the past. ID management platforms on the blockchain will not only transform the way personal information is handled globally, but it has the ability to enhance equality. This is quite a disrupter for a market that is forecast to reach 9.7 billion by 2021. That’s up from 8.7 billion in […]

Vex Wallet: 3 Main Features

Introducing Vex Wallet A digital wallet that runs with blockchain technology There are 3 main features of Vex Wallet First, it store digital assets such as VEX coins and tokens that are in the Vexanium blockchain ecosystem Users can hold their VEX coins that they brought at the exchange and use it within Vexanium ecosystem such as sending and […]

Chronoswiss Flying Regulator Blockchain Series

2Chronoswiss is situated in Lucerne, we are here for many years now. It’s our headquarter and not only headquarter, we also do all the production and designing here. Tech Bureau, as well as Chronoswiss appreciates the value of a high-end quality product. We came up with the idea to create together the first Bitcoin blockchain watch. Cryptocurrencies and […]

The blockchain: an asset in Knowledge Economy – Teaser 3/3 – Subtitled in English

A unique platform to find knowledge, the CTY Token to deliver it. Building a Knowledge Ecosystem At the age of carbon we see the development of dedicated infrastructures, the train, then the pipelines, the refineries, etc. At the age of knowledge, the same infrastructures are in development but for the knowledge. For instance, in the 1990s, Al Gore […]

The Hitachi/KEBA Cash-Recycling ATM (Europe) – Hitachi

I am also involved in the project with KEBA and Hitachi. We have been working together with KEBA for more than ten years now and KEBA invited us to give them support with this important development of new self-service equipment. I think we have three major challenges to face up to. Firstly, there is pressure on costs, secondly […]

Blockchain in Real Estate Raises New Questions | Karma Network

Buyer beware: Will the rapid introduction of technology and decentralized applications into the real estate industry turn this historically stable real estate market into a volatile free-for-all? In the short term, all signs point to yes, but free-for-all? That’s something that can be prevented through thoughtful investments and proceeding with caution on ICO and token investments. Here’s why. […]

Surplus Cash Strategy

♪♪♪ ALISON GUNN: The Central Deposit Program is an innovative approach to managing the surplus cash holdings of government organizations. In response to the Auditor General’s 2010 report on management of working capital by colleges and school districts, the program centralizes excess cash in order to improve investment returns for provincial agencies while reducing government-born costs from capital […]

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