Naveed Ihsanullah, Head of Engineering at Algorand, Talks Future of Blockchain

(upbeat music) – Naveed, thank you for joining us for future blockchain discussions for 2019. I Really appreciate you taking the time. Maybe a fun thing to do would be tell us a little bit about how you got into the world of crypto. – Sure, well, it’s a pleasure to be here, thank you for inviting me. […]

Alex Tapscott: Can Africa Lead the Crypto Revolution, Corporate & Private Blockchains

Hey everyone, today I’ll be joined by Alex Tapscott. He’s the author of “Blockchain Revolution” and will soon be releasing his new book, “Financial Services Revolution”. Welcome, Alex, to the show, let’s get straight into the first question. I know that Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, said that Africa will be the defining region of the future. […]

ICOSpeaks telegram crypto community | ICO promotion | IEO marketing

Are you in the process of launching your ICO project but don’t know how to attract the best Investors? Let’s face it… Searching for investors for your ICO project can be a daunting process… Why not let’s help you get it right from the start? Introducing ICO Speaks… ICO Speaks is a community created for investors to have […]

Bitcoin in 2020, Quiz & Predictions | Coffee & Crypto New Year Edition

Everyone, as you can tell by our festive clothing this is Coffee & Crypto holiday edition. My name is Jackson I am a video journalist at Cointelegraph and I’m Maxwell I’m the head of copy editing. What are we gonna be talking about today, Max? We’ve got a lot on the agenda, we’ll see how much we get […]

Blockchain implementation, ICO from celebs & tomatoes! | CRYPTO NEWS #7

welcome to our weekly roundup of blockchain news I’m Ben throughout this video we’ll be telling you about everything that’s been happening in a blockchain universe this week please we ask questions and other videos so don’t be shy to let us know what you think in the comments below the biggest story this week is of course […] collateral loans for crypto owners: how it works

Collateral loans for crypto owners: how it works. The popularity of cryptocurrencies is growing every day. New coins are being issued daily, more and more assets are put on the market as cryptocurrency value continues to grow. Everyone is interested in cryptocurrency. Everyone wants to get it. Mining, startups, online payments for goods and services, exchange trading significantly […]

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