Who Owns Your Banking Data?

New technology is changing the banking world one transaction at a time. Fintech or financial technology is giving more opportunities to change the way consumers interact with their money. The new landscape has created a movement called open banking, which is fighting for banks and fintech companies to be a bit more transparent with their customers. Plaid is […]

Global Stocks, PMI and Bank of Japan: The week in 60 seconds | FXTM | 17/12/2019

Hi folks global stocks may trend lower in a week ahead as the sugar rush over a partial trade deal between United States and China fades and investors redirect their focus towards economic fundamentals. PMI’s (Purchasing Manangers Index) from Europe the United States and UK will be in sharp focus and they should provide insights into the health […]

How Venmo Makes Money

Cold hard cash. It used to be king. But in a world where you can pay someone by swiping a few times and clicking a button, consumers are opting to transfer money online instead. They are the two words all millennials seem to be using these days. Venmo me! One popular option is Venmo. If you haven’t used […]

What Would Negative Interest Rates Mean For Consumers And The Economy?

President Trump is a big fan of low interest rates. Frankly, if we ever got interest rates down where they should be and if they weren’t raised so fast, you would see another probably ten thousand points on the Dow. The Fed acted too soon. I turned out to be right. They acted too soon and too violently. […]

Why Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency Is In Trouble

I actually don’t know if libra is going to work, but I believe that it’s important to try new things. When Facebook first announced it was getting into the crypto business with a basically unregulated currency called libra, the reaction from Wall Street and government bankers was about as expected. Libra raises a lot of serious concerns. I’m […]

Want to Make a Big Bet on Oil Prices? Try Measuring Shadows | WSJ

(projector buzzing) – [Narrator] This is the world’s largest oil processing plant, located in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. Early on Saturday, September 14th, a series of explosions rocked the facility, and the world woke to see it burning. – [Reporter] Satellite images show thick black smoke billowing from the Aramco Oil Facility in Abqaiq. – [Reporter] […]

Bitcoin mining is bad for the environment | FT

Bitcoins hold the potential to revolutionise our economy in so many incredible ways. But maybe it is time to ask ourselves whether we are ready to embrace the dawn of technological revolution if it means it comes with a huge impact on our environment. Why? Because the brutal if unintended consequence of one of 21st century’s most promising […]

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