How Have Central Banks Evolved Since 2008? (w/ Nomi Prins) | Expert View | Real Vision™

So what I see going on right now is that, since the financial crisis of 2008, which is now a decade ago, there are a lot of “remedies” that were put into the economy through banks that were supposedly done to help the economy. When, in fact, all they did was help the private banks, and the markets, […]

Danielle DiMartino Booth On: Central Bank Liquidity | Expert View | Real Vision™

So here we sit at the precipice of what we believe to be the next rate hike at the Fed’s December meeting. We’re looking to go to 2.5% on the Fed funds rate. Whew. But we know from what Jay Powell has told us that that is still three rate hikes shy of what he considers to be […]

US Central Bank Raises Rates At Fastest Pace (w/ Christophe Ollari) | Expert View | Real Vision™

And Powell said, no. We are going to keep on hiking. Because he knew that he had to be the cornerstone of the setup. And that’s when the dollar just exploded. And it’s not only because there was a shot positioning. The best case scenario for a currency is when you have a fiscal expansion, and you have […]

2019 Crypto Update: The Shift in Bitcoin Sentiment | Expert View | Real Vision™

I think bitcoin cycles are lengthening, like we are moving towards bitcoin as being just another commodity like copper and gold, very large market, slower moving cycles. And so that could mean that this bear market is going to last a bit longer than previous ones as well. But that being said, if I look at the value […]