Alex Tapscott: Can Africa Lead the Crypto Revolution, Corporate & Private Blockchains

Hey everyone, today I’ll be joined by Alex Tapscott. He’s the author of “Blockchain Revolution” and will soon be releasing his new book, “Financial Services Revolution”. Welcome, Alex, to the show, let’s get straight into the first question. I know that Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, said that Africa will be the defining region of the future. […]

The biggest news of 2019: the digital yuan

The biggest announcement of 2019? The most important news of the 2019 year is certainly the ongoing appearance of the first digital currency backed by a government. We all know this quote from Voltaire, “Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value – zero”. And the digital fiat currencies, that will appear in the medium-term but progressively, will […]

Investment Strategies – Episode 10 – Learning Cryptocurrency with Energi

Now, are you prepared to be a cryptocurrency investor? Well, let’s talk about that. And this is what you can expect in this next video. So what can we do next with our crypto coins. What are the top five tips I would give to new crypto investors. What links you should visit. And a surprise. I made […]

Welcome to Energi! – The Evolution of Cryptocurrencies

Evolution is behind all great achievements. It has allowed us to go from ideas to space. It has empowered us to turn our dreams into reality. Today, distributed ledger technology is the most significant phenomenon in the evolution of the digital world. It is… the future. Energi is the first cryptocurrency that brings together some of the most […]

Bitcoin in 2020, Quiz & Predictions | Coffee & Crypto New Year Edition

Everyone, as you can tell by our festive clothing this is Coffee & Crypto holiday edition. My name is Jackson I am a video journalist at Cointelegraph and I’m Maxwell I’m the head of copy editing. What are we gonna be talking about today, Max? We’ve got a lot on the agenda, we’ll see how much we get […]

Blockchain implementation, ICO from celebs & tomatoes! | CRYPTO NEWS #7

welcome to our weekly roundup of blockchain news I’m Ben throughout this video we’ll be telling you about everything that’s been happening in a blockchain universe this week please we ask questions and other videos so don’t be shy to let us know what you think in the comments below the biggest story this week is of course […]

Crypto in 2020: Tim Draper, Eric Crown, John McAfee & Others! | New Year Episode

Wait are we… Hello everyone! And welcome to the new year! To kick things off on the right foot we’d like to give you some insight into what some of our favorite guests are looking forward to in 2020. We ask them to answer three quick questions: 1. What is the most important crypto event of 2020 2. […]

Facebook Coin, Samsung’s Blockchain Phone, Coinbase Controversy | Hodler’s Digest

Warren Buffett is back with some more sage advice for the crypto community. Just kidding, it’s the usual FUD. This week he called Bitcoin a delusion that attracts charlatans, making the accusatory statement amid his own current investment issues with Kraft Heinz. EOS has also been hit by some troubles, with moved $7.7 million from a blacklisted due […]

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