XRP Party is a TERRIBLE Platform [Crypto Dapp Yap – “Hiding in Plain Sight”]

Muddy, Muddy, Muddy Mo, Muddy Mo Muddy Muddy Mo! What’s up crypto world, it’s your boy Muddy Mo aka the king of minnows aka the dapp whitepaper gawd! and this is crypto dapp yap. So today we’re gonna talk about a new dapp that’s coming out XRP party alright so a couple of things you already know man […]

Bitcoin 9,000,000% Growth! BTC Next Move? 3commas! (Cryptocurrency News + Trading + Price Analysis)

what’s going on guys Patrick here bring you a brand new videotape under the killer video if you guys full of information today we’re gonna be looking at Bitcoin up 9 million percent over the last decade I’ll be looking at some Bitcoin technical analysis as well as the number one tool I recommend for anybody who is […]

TronLounge, A Dream or Nightmare? [Crypto Dapp Yap – JustGame, Wink, Bitlex, and more]

Muddy Muddy Muddy Muddy Muddy Muddy Mo whoa. what’s up crypto world, it’s your boy Muddy Mo aka the king of minnows aka the Dapp Whitepaper Gawd! This is crypto dapp yap! yeah alright today we talking about Tronlounge, is it a minnows dream or is it a nightmare? all right so let’s just talk about you know […]

PyraHEX vs. HEX Staking [Crypto Dapp Yap – Richard Heart & HEX]

Muddy Mo, Muddy Muddy Mo, Muddy Mo, Muddy Muddy Mo, AYYYEE!!! what’s up crypto world, it’s your boy muddy mo aka the king of minnows aka the dapp whitepaper gawd! You have tuned into crypto dapp yap! So today we’re gonna be talking about hex and basically becoming talk about the power hex platform versus hex taking alright […]

Sharon Goldberg, Co-Founder & CEO of Arwen, Talks Future of Blockchain

(upbeat music) – Excited to have you here Sharon, to interview, and talk a little bit about the future of Blockchain. Maybe we could start by having you just tell us a little bit about ARWEN protocol and what you guys are workin’ on. – So, at ARWEN we’re designing and building a way to trade on centralized […]

Rune Christiansen, Co-Founder & CEO of MakerDAO, Talks Future of Blockchain

(upbeat techno music) – Welcome to another installment of Future Blockchain. I’m here with Rune from MakerDAO. Thanks for joining us. – Thanks for having me. – Yeah, so maybe to kick it off I’d love to know, how did you make your way into this wild world of crypto? – I just discovered Bitcoin really early because […]

Goodbye From Us? BTC 2020 Past & Future Predictions, Ethereum 2.0 and more !

welcome everyone in this beautiful Christmas time of year I’m sure you sat there with your fat bellies stuffed all smashed full of turkey, biscuits, cakes It’s literally like my 600-pound life at our house let’s not forget the real meaning of Christmas which is presents and gift-giving and the magical carpenter that walks on water and makes […]

How China’s New Cryptocurrency Could Challenge Facebook’s Libra | WSJ

– China’s central bank plans to replace its cash with an alternative, a digital version of its national currency. Think of it like cash but only on your phone, a cryptocurrency that’s issued by the People’s Bank of China and backed by the renminbi. – [Narrator] A new global currency. – After Facebook announced the launch of its […]

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