Want to Make a Big Bet on Oil Prices? Try Measuring Shadows | WSJ

(projector buzzing) – [Narrator] This is the world’s largest oil processing plant, located in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. Early on Saturday, September 14th, a series of explosions rocked the facility, and the world woke to see it burning. – [Reporter] Satellite images show thick black smoke billowing from the Aramco Oil Facility in Abqaiq. – [Reporter] […]

Reality of Petrol Price Hike by Dhruv Rathee | Huge Tax Increase

Greetings, Friends! In Delhi, the cost of Petrol has reached Rs.70 per litre And in cities like Mumbai, the cost has reached up to Rs.80 per litre Such a high price for Petrol has never been seen before in India I would like to tell you all about the realities of this, as well as the double standards […]