Get Your Amplify Referral Code and Earn Free Cryptocurrency – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple

Hello and welcome back to the Amplify Exchange YouTube channel. Today we are excited to announce that our post launch referral campaign is active and available to you if you are a verified Amplify customer. In this video we will show you how to create copy and share your referral link to start earning rewards. Each person you […]

Blockchain implementation, ICO from celebs & tomatoes! | CRYPTO NEWS #7

welcome to our weekly roundup of blockchain news I’m Ben throughout this video we’ll be telling you about everything that’s been happening in a blockchain universe this week please we ask questions and other videos so don’t be shy to let us know what you think in the comments below the biggest story this week is of course […]

Facebook Coin, Samsung’s Blockchain Phone, Coinbase Controversy | Hodler’s Digest

Warren Buffett is back with some more sage advice for the crypto community. Just kidding, it’s the usual FUD. This week he called Bitcoin a delusion that attracts charlatans, making the accusatory statement amid his own current investment issues with Kraft Heinz. EOS has also been hit by some troubles, with moved $7.7 million from a blacklisted due […]

New ICO – Local Coin Swap Cryptoshares Token – p2p Crypto Exchange – Ep15

Hi guys today we’re talking to Tom Underwood from local coin swap the community based peer-to-peer crypto exchange. They’re currently in presale and moving to ICO very soon so stick around and we’ll find out more about local coin swap this is Aussietai and you’re watching a crypto current affair Hi Tom welcome to a crypto current affair […]

Bitcoin is censorship resistant! DarkNet ICO? If Coinbase failed? CoinJanitor, Blockchain CEO, Q&A!

Hello everyone it is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is December the 11th 2019 strong hand bitcoin is the next bitcoin in motion value your wealth in bitcoin one bitcoin equals one bitcoin offended by selling alright hello my elite friends if you’ve got questions i’ve got answers typing […]

Dbrain – AI on The Blockchain | FinTech Business on The Blockchain | ICOs to watch 2018

This is a live instruction on the technical analysis of bitcoin price, cryptocurrency news, ark, and digital currency technical analysis, and most notably when bitcoin price hits an all time high – resulting in the bitcoin bubble. Over several videos, we discuss concepts of support and resistance, candle charting, futures predicting, while disclosing key insights obtained through a […]

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