What is Cardano? The 6 Minute Cardano Blockchain Review | Blockchain Central

Hey everybody and welcome to another episode of BLOCKCHAIN CENTRAL! In this video we’ll take a closer look at the blockchain technology called Cardano. Cardano is a programmable blockchain used for the development of decentralized applications (dApps), similar to the well-known Ethereum. The project follows a different approach than most of its competitors. Cardano is still in the […]

Is the Next “Killer App” Actually Bitcoin? | The Crypto Lark & The Moon

I believe that Bitcoin can easily surpass the market cap of gold. I think one of the big thing is going to just blow it out of the $#% for cryptocurrencies is going to be gaming. I see a huge potential for Bitcoin to become the new form of money. I have no sympathy for Facebook or for […]

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