Bitcoin BTC Ascending Triangle BREAKOUT! 10,000 Target? Price Prediction Technical Analysis Today

Going over bitcoins price prediction everyone is talking about a $10,000 target for the end of this year I’m gonna talk about our short-term targets Alongside this critical resistance level that we are narced now starting to head towards I’m sure a lot of you guys have heard of this Resistance level I’m gonna talk about what’s happening […]

Bitcoin ($BTC) BREAKING OUT! Heading toward’s $4000 – Our New Target! 🎯

And on guys Nike malla, baby, can I hope you’re all enjoying your day today? I’m super excited to talk about Bitcoin breaking out Possibly heading towards the 4000 level and a new target is gonna be set here during this this video what’s interesting is Bitcoin did exactly what we talked about in our last video two […]

BITCOIN Bull Market Beginning? 14 WEEK RSI Saying YES, Golden Cross, Litecoin Analysis, BTC PRICE

in this video we're gonna talk about something that Bitcoin hasn't been able to do since last summer during 2018 when Bitcoin was over eight thousand US dollars we're also gonna be taking a peek at like lining the charts we're gonna be taking a look at this article that kind of details the 14 week RSI and […]