Bitcoin BTC Ascending Triangle BREAKOUT! 10,000 Target? Price Prediction Technical Analysis Today

Going over bitcoins price prediction everyone is talking about a $10,000 target for the end of this year I’m gonna talk about our short-term targets Alongside this critical resistance level that we are narced now starting to head towards I’m sure a lot of you guys have heard of this Resistance level I’m gonna talk about what’s happening […]

Bitcoin ($BTC) BREAKING OUT! Heading toward’s $4000 – Our New Target! 🎯

And on guys Nike malla, baby, can I hope you’re all enjoying your day today? I’m super excited to talk about Bitcoin breaking out Possibly heading towards the 4000 level and a new target is gonna be set here during this this video what’s interesting is Bitcoin did exactly what we talked about in our last video two […]

Bitcoin Break Out Live! 80's Night! HYPPPPE! Episode 593 – Crypto Technical Analysis

[Applause] breath what's happening traders but we have stood 593 a wait crap I forgot hold on we have to do this first okay holy forgot it's like it's hard to pick up muscle memory when you only do it once a month right hold on you [Applause] that's what the kids like to call epic fail on […]

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