Naveed Ihsanullah, Head of Engineering at Algorand, Talks Future of Blockchain

(upbeat music) – Naveed, thank you for joining us for future blockchain discussions for 2019. I Really appreciate you taking the time. Maybe a fun thing to do would be tell us a little bit about how you got into the world of crypto. – Sure, well, it’s a pleasure to be here, thank you for inviting me. […]

EARN $5-$200 PAYPAL MONEY PLAY LIKE TETRIS | Php 250 with Proof of Payment! [ENGSUB]

Before we start this video, guys First, we’ll draw the winner of our previous video 45$ EARNINGS FOR FREE | Earn by Answering Easy Questions & GIVING LIKES | No Investment [ENGSUB] My question was “What are you most proud of in 2019?” Let’s pick randomly our winner This cannot be. It’s invalid. I’m the winner, I’m just […]

Best Indicator for Crypto Technical Analysis? | Token Metrics

which indicator suits best for crypto technical analysis beside MACD RSI Volume I mean that’s subjective it’s hard to say different traders use different ones I mean I’m not really really in the trading business that’s why I automated this because I mean that this is a question more for Bill but one one thing most traders do […]

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