Bitcoin ($BTC) BREAKING OUT! Heading toward’s $4000 – Our New Target! 🎯

And on guys Nike malla, baby, can I hope you’re all enjoying your day today? I’m super excited to talk about Bitcoin breaking out Possibly heading towards the 4000 level and a new target is gonna be set here during this this video what’s interesting is Bitcoin did exactly what we talked about in our last video two […]

BITCOIN $14K TODAY?! 2019-2023 TARGETS 🎯 VeChain ($VET) + Walmart HUGE NEWS + Code Review

and we're live yes welcome to another episode of good morning crypto only here only on Ivan on.take we are of course broadcasting live straight out of Stockholm Sweden and we do this show each and every day at 8 a.m. central P and summertime guys what an amazing day what an amazing market what an amazing economy […]