Best Indicator for Crypto Technical Analysis? | Token Metrics

which indicator suits best for crypto technical analysis beside MACD RSI Volume I mean that’s subjective it’s hard to say different traders use different ones I mean I’m not really really in the trading business that’s why I automated this because I mean that this is a question more for Bill but one one thing most traders do […]

Dash Mining

Here we are, the “mining” video. I want to thank “MuchCoins” from the Dash Nation slack’s channel. To correct me in my “DASH” pronunciation 🙂 Because Dash=Digital Cash Now let’s talk about mining. At the moment the Dash amount is a bit more than 7 million. This count is a daily increasing. When I went through this notion […]

Goodbye From Us? BTC 2020 Past & Future Predictions, Ethereum 2.0 and more !

welcome everyone in this beautiful Christmas time of year I’m sure you sat there with your fat bellies stuffed all smashed full of turkey, biscuits, cakes It’s literally like my 600-pound life at our house let’s not forget the real meaning of Christmas which is presents and gift-giving and the magical carpenter that walks on water and makes […] collateral loans for crypto owners: how it works

Collateral loans for crypto owners: how it works. The popularity of cryptocurrencies is growing every day. New coins are being issued daily, more and more assets are put on the market as cryptocurrency value continues to grow. Everyone is interested in cryptocurrency. Everyone wants to get it. Mining, startups, online payments for goods and services, exchange trading significantly […]

HOW TO Protect your crypto 💸 with a Ledger Nano S – Ep4

It’s Aussietai from a Crypto Current Affair and today we’re going to talk about hardware wallets, and in particular we’re talking about the Ledger Nano S which I got in the mail recently So why would you want to use a Hardware wallet? Well the benefit of Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies is that you’re your own bank so being […]

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