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  • Be sure you get the water dragon on substrate as soon as possible- she looks to be at least 2 years old (if not a bit stunted) and the female lay eggs regularly regardless of being with a male. If you don't provide at least 6-8 inches of damp substrate, she'll 100% hold the eggs and may become fatally egg bound.

  • Jessica's Animal Friends has a whole series on what the Enigma Syndrome does to leos. It's very much like the spider ball python (but far far worse). It's a neurological/balance issue. Symptoms get worse with stress. They likely will need to be hand/tong fed for their entire lives. And will need assistance shedding. That said yours does appear to be a good weight, which is at least a start….

  • Jessica’s Animal Friends on YouTube owns multiple enigma leopard geckos. So I would recommend contacting her if you want to learn more about enigmas 🙂

  • Crystal Franklin says:

    I'm so glad someone like you got these animals and that you care about them and try so hard to help them and give them a better quality of life. The enigma gecko made me cry, but she's super cute and looks pretty healthy to have the kind of issues she has. I imagine caring for animals with such needs can be quite challenging. I applaud you for your efforts and caring!

  • Amélie Hébert says:

    Enigma leopard gecko if I remember correcly of when I reaserche about it. It's a morph from de late 90, and it's a male that was breed back to it's daugther again and again for about 20 generations. And it's in 2005 or 2006 that the neurological issue appearded. I think also enigma should not be breed. On some groupe there are false infomation said about them. Like enigma if you breed them with other things, the 4th generation will not have issue. On one group that i was in everyone was thinking that. So I breed my enigma male that is a 3rd gen, with my tug snow het tremper female. What append? 3/4 of the baby had neurologicale issue, so they stop spreading that false info. The one with no probleme and the least problematic one were place to good home, and they were able to eat like normal gecko, juste some little shacking head when realy stress out . The other 2 still with me, they were so bad that i though to euthanasia will be the best. But now, 2 1/2 year later, those 2 girls are my little precious baby, and are fine. They are stress by every one else, but they are relaxe and don't have too much neurological probleme when i am the one to take car of them. Actualy, the first 3 mounths they survived because I've feed then with a seringue, and it probably why they are so use to me and so stress by other person. I only breed them for the perpose of stoping that miss information, with the knowing fact they were probably be my pet for the rest of their life.

  • Robert Nassour says:

    Sucks when people buy reptiles with little to no research being done :(((( happy you take these guys in and help as much as you could

  • ᏃεאїᎢᎻ ᎾF ᴏʏғᴜᴍ says:

    You haven't had this many dislikes until the bitch ass facebook group full of others full of themselves made shit up.

  • I just found a ton of severely underweight ball pythons about 10 minutes away from me on craigslist 🙁 i can't get them because my family, but yeah i'm also in north carolina
    and also named alex
    and also love reptiles
    and also make sad jokes

    are you me in a few years? hMM

  • Awe I have a beardie rescue with MBD as well. shes doing a lot better she was on deaths door when I got her and wasn't moving at all. she has almost no teeth so I have been syringe feeding her some blended greens with vitamins. I love her to bits she is so sweet. Shes going through shed for the first time since I've gotten her. Super excited.

  • Love your chill presentation, my dude, always love your update vids and I feel like I learn a lot of stuff from you dealing head-on with the hardest cases. Thank you for posting!

  • yeah those two skinny leos look to have some form of stick tail. i'm dealing with two cases of it as well, trying to figure out if its crypto or not.
    im glad theyre eating though. neither of mine are and the smaller one looks like a textbook photo for crypto.
    hopefully the tests come back negative for you, but at least theyre in good care and you are experienced with antibiotics.

  • an actual cockroach says:

    I am so happy I found your channel.

    You are an amazing, selfless, patient, kind and intelligent person. It is hard to take on any animal with a medical problem – whether it be acute or chronic. It can be a challenge. And to see you approach these situations with understanding and a willing to learn AND to educate others makes my heart swell ❤❤ Thankyou for producing such lovely content! 🐢🦎🐍🐍🦎🐢

  • Brennan Kennedy says:

    For help regarding your enigma leo, I recommend watching Jessica's Animal Friends playlist on Enigma Syndrome. She has a loooot of enigma leos and they are all thriving. I think getting in contact with her or watching her videos would be a great idea!

  • Alex!! Do you have any spare cork rounds?? I’m trying to build my very own vivarium with the stone and rock spray foam but no stores around me carry them 🙁

  • The shade he is throwing towards Brian is rediculaus. This kid is no better than any one else . He only keeps these animals and gets them to make videos and I think most get sick in his care . He's only in it for the money period he is basically begging for your money . He should be banned

  • I bought my young ball python a few days ago I put him in a 20 gallon tank I have the heat pad set on 90 on the hot side with a hide and a uv bulb in the middle of the tank for ambient temp to to keep the cold side a little warm the humidity stays between 60-65 i have a wooden vine and leaves for him and he still keeps trying to get out and won’t stay in his hide any advice please help

  • Abby Galbreath says:

    Hey my fiance and I are dealing with some stuck shed i looked at his eyes this morning and they looked kinda cloudy in the very tops of his eyes. Does that mean his eye caps haven't come off? If so how do I get them off in the least stressful way for him. Please help !!!!

  • Mackenzie Tinnon says:

    That's why you don't shop on craigslist because, it's either overrated , underrated or dead ,for animals,furniture ,and objects alike

  • You're one of my favorite youtubers, seriously on par with Snake Discovery and a shade above Clint's Reptiles. (I love Clint but anyone who supports and participates in the breeding in Spider Ball Pythons isn't going to be a top favorite. I would usually not support someone who does either of those things, but his channel is otherwise a wonderful place for someone looking to get started with reptiles for really figuring out what's good to start with and advance to.)

    I've done rescues, alot. I generally have enough stuff from animals I've had through the years, and stuff I've had to get to save a reptile that came out of nowhere- that even when most of the time I take them in to get them healthy and rehome- I've had to buy enough stuff to just have on hand.

    Tanks from 2 gallons up to a spare 40 breeder (though that will be for my still-new ball python when she gets bigger), a wide variety of undertank heaters, thermometers, hydrometers, fishtank heaters for when I've been given dying bettas to try to save (though I usually end up keeping the bettas- have a crap ton of 10 gallons and bettas being given to me to save is rare), fish tank filters, I have a diatom filter in storage, which is amazing for any fish to turtles, esp if parasites are an issue, a UV sterilizer (same), automatic misters, mesh enclosures, substrate from forest flooring and moss for my python and tarantula, with sand and walnut for my tarantula too- need to mix that in with the dirt so when she burrows it keeps a shape), I have those green squares florists use for bouquets that's amazing at holding humidity- also thanks to my tarantula- I cut tunnels into them and put them under the dirt so she has pre-made tunnels to just have, and then she'll dig into them more. (It's great- I'll check in on her a few times a day, and when I've done a cleanout and give her new foam caves, mixed in with the dirt she's kicked out of her way while digging, green flakes will be there from her preferring the entry in a different place, and she'll cover the holes she doesn't like.

    I have a range of heat bulbs, though when I have a random reptile I'll buy new UVB bulbs. I usually give those bulbs to the new home since they need to be replaced every 3-9ish months depending on the brand and kind of UVB bulbs (it will say on each box how long they last), and even if I used it for a few days, it can be years until I use them again and while the UVB creating substances * should * still be good if not used that much, I just feel better making sure it's new, and specific for what I'm bringing in.

    When I lived in Brooklyn I had 2 "feasts" (a street festival) that would go to 2 avenues at different times of the years, both 2 avenues from my home, where they gave iguanas and baby turtles as prizes. (Illegal in NYC and trust me I talked to the beat cops there and called complaints in to the humane society and the ASPCA and nothing ever gets done), they give them away with tiny plastic containers and care sheets that are actually decent. (I took a look at them)- so of course when people win an iguana who will get humongous, and red ear slider babies that do the same, where both live decades, I've found many in garbage cans on on stoops. To the point where every night of the feasts, and for a week or two after, I walked up and down avenues glancing in garbage cans making sure nothing alive were in there.

    I found 2 baby turtles once in one of those containers on the double yellow line of a 4 lane street around the corner of where I lived. Another time 2 babies in a zip lock bag under a tree.

    Get them in proper conditions, get them slowly strong enough to swim and climb out, get them eating a healthy range of food, vet checks when needed (thankfully not needed as often as one would think), and from the SECOND I get them I start asking around to see who will want them once they're a safe age/size.

    I know people who have large fenced ponds including my parents from when I used to live in a cabin on their property, and thankfully the number of turtles I couldn't place with people with the proper knowledge could go to, and iguanas are tricky to home, so the times I've ended up with them myself and my friends bust our asses handling them so they're easier to home with people who understand their needs, usually with people who just ended up custom making the enclosures when they grew up because the right sized enclosure for iguanas is expensive and so on…

    But yeah- rescuing you end up with animals who are not in good shape, even when they don't need a vet, and it takes time and effort to get them back to health, and handleable so they're ready for a new home.

  • Hey bro nice video… I subscribed already, I've got a question for u. What substrate do u use or u recommend for a Boa? Because some say Forest Floor, Coconut Husk, others say paper towel.
    Keep up the good work man!

  • Hello, I am from Ohio and I’m trying to get rid of my snake named Apollo. My new apartment I am not aloud to have him so I was wondering if you guys would be able to take him in on emerald scales??? Just cuz I would trust that other than some random guy.. He is a mix between a corn snake and a Texas rat snake.

  • Hey anyone know a good 100 watt basking bulb i can try I've tried zoo med but they keep burning out every few weeks for some reason

  • My Leo has Enigma Syndrome or something similar to it. Luckily she is mild and she hasn't circles since she was a little runty. Helped her to pay attention to what keeps her calm. Helped a ton to get her some coverage so that she isn't out in the open as much. But unfortunately I had to reposition her tank and she took up stargazing again for a bit. She was horizontal to me since she was a hatchling, so being parallel is going to take some getting used to for her. But at least she can more easily do her favorite activity of staring into my soul and making me uncomfortable. It's 2:38 and pitch dark, but I bet if I turn on the light, she'll be looking at me.

  • The dragon you showed as your 2nd animal you’re rehabilitating. Ive had issues with coconut husk getting in my reptiles food or eyes, i would highly recommend trying out reptobark. I use it for substrate for a few of my reptiles that like to play or mess up their bedding, some tanks i even use half reptobark and half ecoearth.

  • Your enigma leopard gecko has ES, unfortunately we can only assume as to whether it causes the animal pain beyond having difficulty navigating around. If you do have a female , I recommend being vigilant during breeding season because its more stressful for enigmas and lose a lot of weight and some have even been known to lay calcified eggs when not bread during breeding season. Breeding isn’t really an option though.

    And on another note when trying to find out the morph, it might be a little difficult because the enigma gene changes the pattern and eye color just slightly compared to what the morph would have looked like without the enigma gene. The morph could be known for black spot and black eyes, but with the enigma gene you might get brown spots with slighly redish black eyes. Ect.

  • I'm a dragon expert with Dragons. If you have any questions about MBD I can help. You seem to have learned a lot..But I'm always around..Find me on my RB (Anita C. Spero). I really enjoy watching you..

  • Story time with Em

    I was looking for dubia roaches to buy, the reptile hobby is very new in Norway so it was kind of hard
    I found a dubia breeder that I wanted to buy from and I did until I realise this dude is stupid because he offered me only a hundred baby roaches for €50
    And he told me that these roaches will last 2 months and I asked.
    If this is gonna Last 2 months I'm gonna only have to feed the bearded Dragon 3 roaches a day and that way to little
    And he was like oh you only need to feed them one to two roaches a day and when they were grown up you will have to feed them mice

    I get a refund and then found a better seller so yeah bye

  • the enigma leopard gecko broke my whole heart… I didn't even know about them before this video 🙁 people are so cruel just for money

  • When he said “I’m not other YouTubers” just hear the part before it because he specifically threw shade at Taylor Nicole dean?? Or however her name goes. I’m cackling.

  • How many crickets should a beardie eat? And how many times a week? I’m interested in getting one but I want to be more informed. Also what substrate is the best? I use ecoearth a lot but it’s also for my ball python and tarantula so I have no idea.

  • Enigma leopard geckos are almost just as bad if not worse than spider ball pythons. Typically they have neurological issues and sometimes even deformed from breeding them. This breed should not exist at all just as spider ball pythons shouldn’t but people continue to do it regardless and let these poor helpless animals suffer either with good homes or horrible homes.

  • My leopard gecko, Bennie, was just diagnosed with cryptosporidium earlier today. She probably won't make it but I'm giving her 3 medicines and an intensive care food prescribed by the vet in hopes of some miracle she gets better. She is not even a year old yet and it breaks my heart to know that I may never see her grow up. I hope your little guys don't have it and slowly whither away like my sweet girl ❤️

  • TheRainbowlabcoat says:

    oh man, that enigma leopard gecko looks just like my gecko who’s part enigma. thank god mine is just a little wobbly when she walks cuz i didn’t know about the morph when i bought her 🙁

  • Good to know I just got a 4 month old male beardie my first 😅💓 still doing research still more to learn but I got the habitat and feeding etc down

  • I find it funny how people talk about how bad it is breeding reptiles with gennetic issues and yet no one talks about how many dog breeds are being bred for looks but have way more and way worse issues. (Bulldogs, pugs, and cavaliers) i work at a vet hospital people i can't even begin to tell you the horror stories.

  • Dee Marie Dubois says:

    I don’t know how close you are to NC State University or if they are Vets you have already tried but their exotic animal care has great recommendation. You can check out the site NC State University Veterinary Hospital. From their site:

    Our specialists are experts in a wide range of exotic animals. The patients we see include:

    A variety of caged birds,(parrots and finches), as well as raptors used for Falconry, pigeons and backyard poultry

    Small mammals like gerbils, ferrets, hedgehogs, rabbits and sugar gliders

    Nonvenomous reptiles and amphibians such as turtles, snakes, lizards, toads, and frogs



    You are doing such a good job with lizards and snakes that come to you sick. Great video.

  • guardians animal rescue/ state certified 501c3 says:

    Coming from me who also takes in very sick and abused animals, you have my utmost respect. It's so clear to all how much u care about each and every living thing. If u ever need help please contact me.
    *PLEASE CONTACT ME ON FACEBOOK MESSENGER IF U R AWARE OF ANY DOGS OR CATS IN AN IMMEDIATE ABUSIVE SITUATION, or even if anyone is aware of a pet in need in a shelter. My Facebook page is
    Lesley King Bailey from Pittsburgh, PA. My rescue page is
    Guardians Ranch and Animal Rescue, although I'm most active on my first page. If u r contacting me about an animal in need and don't want that person to know u reported them, please send me a private message on messenger. I answer immediately. Thanks again for all you do.

  • From what you’ve said about the condition of the water dragon I would say that she didn’t have a specific condition per-say but was suffering from poor nutrition in general

  • I believe that the man who sold you those leopard geckos was telling you the truth.
    The government actually "mistakenly" had me pay taxes twice as well.
    They wouldn't refund my money either. I was so pissed.
    I've also heard two other cases of that happening to other people.

  • My gecko passed away due to cancer a few months back. I really miss him I had him since I was a kid. I definitely plan on adopting from yall hopefully soon.

  • Danielle Howard says:

    The shade you throw is ridiculous! You put down on people that have done wonders for the reptile industry. Kevin Mckurley is not just a breeder, but he actual fights for our rights in this industry. Brian B. as well. You have 1/4 the experience and knowledge that these guys do. Your arrogance and negativity is often disgusting and you could probably learn a good bit. You have a platform and you should use it wisely instead of throwing shade at people that actual love their animals. You should utilize your platform to put down on channels like the reptile channel, that actual damages the reputation of the industry. Grow up kid and learn how to respect the ground breakers in the industry you proclaim to love. ✌🏻

  • This kinda sucks, given when you pulled out the Enigma, it resembles somewhat the same issues that my WY Leopard gecko has. Its acute but it sucks that I supported that. I bought her when the breed was first introduced so I didn't get much idea of what the genetics entailed:/
    (Back when lemon frost was okay so sell, lol)

  • Lantern Apocalypse says:

    Just FYI – I put a vote down for the ghost one just because I wanted to see the results of the poll. I don’t know anything about reptiles so you should consider one of the ghost votes to not count.

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