Let’s Play CASH ‘N GUNS | Overboard, Episode 15

Let’s Play CASH ‘N GUNS | Overboard, Episode 15

– Welcome to Overboard, Polygon’s
card and board game show. Today we’re playing Cash ‘n Guns, a game about what happens after you’ve pulled off a big heist, and who gets to take home the most spoils. At its core, Cash ‘n Guns bears a lot of similarities to poker, with its own special twists. Here’s how it’s played. To start off, every player
chooses a character. Each character is given a foam gun, or if you’re feeling wacky, banana, and a hand consisting of eight ammo cards. Three bangs and five clicks,
which are essentially blanks. A game consists of eight rounds, each with eight pieces
of loot up for grabs. At the start of a round, players secretly select an
ammo card from their stash, and decide who they want to use it on. The boss, marked by the
desk in front of them, then counts down from three. Once the countdown is over,
the weapons are drawn, and the negotiations can begin. Remember that at this point, even if several people have
weapons pointed at you, there’s a chance they could all be clicks. So this part of the game
is a lot of bluffing. Players can choose to
intimidate other players, or convince them that
they’ve only loaded a click and definitely have
nothing to worry about. The boss also gets a chance
to flex their authority by redirecting one player’s
weapon to someone else. When the negotiations are over, everyone places their other
hand over their character, and the second countdown begins. At this point, players
can choose to either fold, by diving or knocking
over their character, or stay in the round. Those who choose to stay in the round must shout the special catchphrase. We chose “bazinga”,
because of course we did. Any players who dove for it are now safe, so they won’t get any loot, but they also won’t take any damage, and the player they were
aiming at is also safe. Once a player dives, they discard their ammo
card without revealing it. But everyone else must
reveal which card they chose. Since clicks are effectively blanks, they pose no danger to other players. Bangs, on the other hand, will knock a player out of the round and give them one wound. Three wounds, and you’re knocked
out of the game for good! Whichever players remain
standing at the end of the round now divide up the loot,
starting with the boss, and going clockwise until
all of it is claimed. It’s not just money that’s
up for grabs, though. There’s also paintings, which increase in value the more you own. Diamonds, which are worth a little less, but give a nice bonus to
whoever’s collected the most by the end of the game. Extra bang cards, and bandages, that can be used to repair
any wounds a player has. The boss’ desk is also up for grabs, granting someone the power of redirection and first dibs on loot. Once all eight rounds have passed, players add up their loot and naturally, the wealthiest
living player wins. Now start up the getaway
car, we’ve got a bank to rob! Today we are playing Cash ‘n Guns, which is a heist game that
does come with foam guns, but we’re all very low on potassium, so today we are using bananas. (clicks tongue) Tara is our mob boss today, so she’s going to get us started. Let’s have a heist! (chuckles) – That’s what they say!
– Let’s have a heist! – Let’s have a good
heist, everybody, okay? Hey, hands in, we’re
gonna have a good heist, I feel like today. – [Everyone] One, two, three, heist! – I’ll never kill any of you. – Yes. What a great heist we all
had, we robbed that bank, and we found some dollar bills. – And some diamonds in the bank? – And a whole desk. (laughs) – Okay, yeah, we found
a desk we really liked, and we were like, “We
gotta take this with us.” – Now let’s politely decides
who gets how much money. – Hold your banana, and
think through your plan. – Alright. (clears throat) Does everybody have a plan? – Yes. – Yeah, I do. – I have a banana plan. – Three, two, one, boom! – Look at that synchronicity! – Is everybody pointing at somebody? – I think so. – Pat, you’re pointing at Jenna, right? – Oh yeah. – And you’re pointing at Jeff,
and Jeff’s pointing at Pat. – So no one’s pointing at Simone, Tara. – Nobody is pointing at Simone. – Okay, alright, well– – Tara’s banana would make
it really easy to, oh. – Whoop! – Did you have to, Tara?
– I had to. (laughing) – I had to do it to ’em! – I looked you right in the
eye, and I pointed at Brian! – Don’t worry, I’ve got HR on speed dial. – I knew he was your favorite! – Three, two, one. – Bazinga.
– Bazinga. – Bazinga, yes, bazinga, that’s the word. – Everyone’s firing. – Except for Pat, which is great, ’cause he was aiming at me. (laughs) – Pat has chosen not to
fire, so Jenna is fine, Pat has dodged Jeff’s bullet. – Only one bang in this
whole group right here. – I mean, that’s my
college years! (laughs) – Okay, now, I’m the godfather,
so I get to choose first. – You get paid! – I’m gonna obviously
take the biggest one. – I’m gonna take the godfather position. (gasps)
– Yeah! – De Beers over here, got my diamonds. – Diamonds! – No, you aren’t supposed to
take one when I take them. The diamonds are just mine, Simone! – Whoa, looks like we got a competition! – Does Jeff take to take next? – No, I got my tootsies.
– He got shot. – Okay, so then I get–
– He didn’t crawl fast enough. – Leave some for me, guys! – This seems like a really
unfair way of distributing money. (laughing) – All the dollar bills are
demarcated in different amounts, so if someone picks the one, oh! Sorry, I just saw the diamonds. ♪ Diamonds ♪ – (laughs) One track mind!
– You’re diamond wild. – Okay. Everybody ready? – So ready. – Three, two, one, boom. Little bit slow on the draw there, Simone. – My eyes were closed. (everyone laughing) – Okay! – That classic quick draw
technique of closing your eyes. – So nobody’s pointing at you, Jenna. – Okay, you’re pointing at Brian? – Yeah. (everyone laughing) I had to think about that for a second. – That was a conscious decision
to make that, right then. – No, I swear to God I was! – Little slow on the draw, there! – I swear that was my initial thought. – That means I get to move one of y’alls, ’cause I’m not in the line of fire. – You can screw someone else over. – I get to screw somebody else. Okay, how are we divided? So there’s two pointing at
Tara, there’s one at Simone. – Okay, just remember that I’m your boss. – (laughs) I never forget! – Use that information however you please. – (laughs) Well, the good
news is it makes sense to move one of the guns off you anyway, to sort of diversify the damage. – Okay, yeah. – So, I’m definitely
gonna do that, it’s just– – You could also diversify
the damage on me, ’cause I have two pointed at me also. – Do you?
– Yeah. – But you’re not anyone’s boss! (laughs) – That’s true! That’s true, who doesn’t
have, Pat has got some, Jeff doesn’t have anybody. – I just wanna point out that
Brian has a grudge against me, and he is pointing at me, so. – What grudge do you have against Simone? – She’s got diamonds! That’s my deal!
– She do have diamonds. I’m just gonna make a
real quick adjusterino. – Ha, don’t do that Jeff, that’s nasty! It’s very naughty! – Who were you pointing at before? – Tara.
– Okay. (laughs) – Alright, so we got two
on Brian, one on Simone, one on Pat, and one on
Jeff, and one on Tara. And I’m in the clear,
what a good day for me. Everybody ready? Hey, don’t cross bananas! – We’re crossing bananas! – Oh my God, you perverts! – Put your hands near your person. – Alright, everybody ready? Three, two, one, bazinga!
– Bazinga! – Okay, alright! We have two people taking
cover, Jeff and Tara. We’ve got one gun based on Jeff, which isn’t gonna do anything,
but Simone is gonna show us. He’s got a clear! Pat? A clear!
– Oh, you didn’t kill me, Pat! – Of course I didn’t kill you, Brian. – I was returning your bullet! (laughs) – You did not have to show yours. – Oh well, I just wanted to show Tara that I’m not scared of her. (everyone laughing) – This is an intimidation
play, right here. – She’s not my boss. – I, sadly, did kill Patrick. – Whoa!
– Well, you wounded him. – Pat’s been sliced and I’m
coming for those diamonds. – Damn it Brian, I trusted you! – Of course.
– You did not trust him! – You didn’t trust me!
– You specifically did not! – I didn’t trust him, but I
chose to give him a chance, and he failed me. – So that means you and I clean up. – Yeah. – Mm-hm, delightful. ♪ Diamonds ♪ – Enough with the thank
you, it doesn’t make sense. – I really want you and Simone
to just destroy each other. – Yeah, that’s how it’s going. – Can I just introduce an element of chaos before we get started? At the end of this turn, you
two will have the most money, but one of you gets to keep the desk. – Yes.
– That’s fair. – And I’m willing to play this out. – I’m gonna get that desk, right now. – Take the desk! – I think that’s a great choice. – It’s me time for desk. – Me desk.
– It’s me desk, I’m moving up. Alright, there you go,
I’ll take the last one. – Wait, I don’t have anything.
– These are yours. – Okay, I haven’t survived a round yet. – Yes!
(everyone laughing) – Why am I so poor? – Simone, what are you doing? – That sound is really something. – Very bad. – This is a new Foley technique. – That seems like a really,
really bad Cosmo sex tip. (laughing) – Ten ways to make your banana move left and right very fast! (everyone laughing) – “Citizen Kane” clap. – No! – You’re gonna burst it! (everyone laughing) – I want to leave.
– I hate that. – I didn’t think we were gonna bruise these bananas that much, but I realize now I was a fool. – So here’s the thing
to think about, right. We don’t have any money,
but we have bullets. – We certainly do, Jeffrey. – Everybody has bullets. – I’m saying who stands
to benefit shooting, we have no money. – Let’s just shoot each other a bunch. – (laughs) Let’s just take each other out! Romeo and Juliet. – I am boss. Everyone has an idea of who they are looking to slice today, right? Everyone has loaded their gun? – Yes. – Everybody got a bullet up? – I wish that somebody would
help me take Brian out. Just saying.
– Interesting thought. – Are you putting that on your board, are you sending that out into the world? Okay, ready? – It has two things,
Brian dead and diamonds. – Yes, okay. (laughs) – One of them aren’t forever. – Sorry! – Get ready to shoot.
– Yes. – Three, two, one, bang. Oh, wowee! – Oh, I forgot to do the style. – Oh, I love that there are two on Brian, ’cause he can only move one. – So, Pat and Tara are both on me. – Yes, and Simone and I are on Tara, and Jeff is on me, and nobody else. – Tara made the decision to attack me. – No, that was Simone, actually. – Well, I mean she’s pointing
a gun at you right now. – So are you! (everyone laughing) No, no, no, no. Don’t put this on me! This was all Simone’s idea. – I’m moving Tara to attack Simone. – Thanks.
– Good, good. – I hope that you have a blank in there. – Maybe I do, maybe I don’t. Who’s to say? – Ready? Three, two, that was just a misfire! – You tripped on your sandal. – Okay, ready, three, two, one. – [Everyone] Bazinga! – Flip your card, Simone! – It was a blank. – Ugh, I should’ve moved Patrick! – Yeah, let’s go around in a circle. – So who did you shoot? – I was aiming at Tara. – I was aiming at Brian, he fell to the floor
before this bullet hit him. – Jeff was aiming at me–
– I hit. – And I take one wound.
– Commit a hit. – I was aiming at Simone, she was spared. – Yes!
– By my hand. – I’m sorry, Tara, I
should’ve let you shoot me. – And I was aiming at Tara,
and I have also spared her. (lips smacking) (laughing) – Simone doesn’t get to divvy
up, because she got shot? No, no, no, she didn’t get shot. Simone gets to start. – Okay, (groans) I’m
gonna take the painting. – Diversifying your portfolio. – Oui. – But is that the wisest choice? – Non. – Good, I’m glad we had this talk, as your financial advisor. – Thank you. – Oh, I don’t get anything. – No? Did you get hit? You got hit last time. – I get money! – You get a money! – You did a win! – I want to be the boss! I’m the boss now! – Wow. – I’ll take this one, it looks like me. Old timey Jeffrey money, more money. – I’m gonna take the $10,000. – Pull out a tenski. – ‘Cause we’re never gonna
get money again, right? This is it for us. – It’s curtains. – And then this is yours, Simone. – Oh, cool!
– You’re welcome. – Thank you, Tara.
– New round everybody. – Alright, three, two, one, go. – Excuse me? – I’m sorry. (laughs) – What’s this, what’s this
you got, what’s this about? – Jenna, are you pointing at Jeff? – Well, you would’ve hit me,
had I not divven to the ground. – I knew you were gonna dive! (laughs) – Who do you wanna shoot? – Wait, hold on. – No, no, no, you already chose. – Well? – No, I think he gets to choose. – Ha! I also think he gets to choose. – His hand was still on
my hand, he has decided– – Don’t, no, don’t you dare! Don’t you dare! You piece of shit. – I wish on top I could be
like, “I’m gonna getcha! “I’m gonna getcha!” – Tara’s third day back
from maternity leave, and she’s called Pat a piece of shit. (everyone laughing) – I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner. – Alright, everybody,
three, two, one, bazinga. – [Everyone] Bazinga! – I dropped my card. – What, why did I, nobody
was pointing a gun at me, why did I knock that down? (laughs) One. (sad music) I’m fucking stupid, I’m
just fucking stupid. – Huh, this is what happens! This is what happens. – I was too dumb to be the boss. – The world’s dumbest crook! – I appreciate that, because
you were aiming at me. – Have you just been
folding every single time? – No, he got money last time. Your guy even looks like a dumb-dumb! – But he didn’t even realize
he got money last time until we told him he got money. (everyone laughing) – Patrick just saw everyone dive and thought it was a cool thing to do. So he hopped right on there. – I think we know who the faller is now. – I was the only one who did it! Nobody else did it! – No, I dropped my contact. – Okay, I was pointing at– – Simone.
– Simone, was I? No, who was I pointing at? – Yeah, you were pointing at Simone. – I was pointing at Simone. – I didn’t know that. – I think that’s just my default. – That’s the only person over
there other than Patrick. – Okay.
– Okay. – I had bang, sorry. – Ohh!
– Shit! – Simone.
– Two wounds. Two wounds, two wounds, wounds, wounds. – I was prepared to shoot
Jeffrey to the death. – Mm, big moves. – But he ducked which was a good choice. – Pat you did the right
choice of moving my thing, because it was bang, I’m sorry Tara. Just know that I did
not aim this gun at you. – That’s fine. – The first time. – Alright, so who still gets to draw, is it just you and I? – Unfortunately, hang on
a mo, I have shot Brian. – I’m out too. – Wait, so it’s just me? – Just you. (cackling) – And she gets to be the godfather now. Want me to make it rain on you? – Yes, absolutely! (EDM music) (Simone laughing) Oh, there’s an extra bang, so if you draw the extra bang card, you get to draw another bang, oh! Oh no! – Clayton, did you shuffle these? – I’m glad that Jenna
didn’t win this turn. – Yeah! – She’d have a bandolier on! – Everyone who’s in this heist, can we remember that as the
people who are working here, the boss is taking a way bigger
cut for the past few rounds, so I’m saying we should
unionize our bullets. – Brian. – Oh, man. (laughs) – Solidarity. This is game winning wealth, right here. – Yeah, I do have a
real pile, like I can’t, just physically, I have a lot
of cards compared to y’all. – You’ve made yourself
a very large target. – I mean, y’all made me a target by fucking up so bad last round. – That’s true, we did.
– You can say Pat. (laughs) – You can say my name, alright. – Alright, everybody load your bananos. – My nano is lol. (laughs) – My nano is lolled. (laughing) – Three, two, one, yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – Checks. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Brian, Simone, and Patrick
have pointed their guns at me. Jeffrey has pointed his at Simone, and Tara is aiming down
the sights at Jeffrey. Here’s the thing, I’m not gonna be able to move
all the guns that are on me. – Who do you think has
it out for you the most? – All of you! – I mean, Brian was the
one who wanted to unionize, just saying. – That’s true, he did
make a strong argument. – Yeah, are you gonna be
a union buster right now? – I love unions so much, Brian! – Has anybody noticed that bananas have a sort of
smoky flavor to them? Or not flavor but smell, sniff the outside of
your bananas, everybody. I’m sorry. – You just made me sniff
a banana on camera. – Ha ha ha, it worked! (laughing) – Okay, yeah, this is a real question, because Simone’s closest to being out, and it makes sense to
wanna bring her down. But Brian did start shit with me. – He might’ve been trying to provoke us. – I think he was trying to evoke us, so that they would shoot you and he wouldn’t have to waste a bullet. – But here’s the thing, though. – I like that, that’s true. – You might die, wait,
what was I gonna say? (everyone laughing) – So here’s the thing to
think about, I don’t know. – Wait, sorry, here’s the
point I was gonna say. – Okay. – Tara might shoot me, do you also wanna take out
her by moving it away from me? – Absolutely not, Tara is shooting you, and you are shooting Simone,
I’m not gonna disrupt that. I’m not disrupting either of you. – Don’t knock your thing
down this time, Patrick! – That was not even a
good gambit, Jeffrey. – No, it really wasn’t. – I think I’m gonna move Brian, just ’cause this looks awkward,
like, for you, holding. I’m gonna move your– – You’re gonna hurt your wrist that way. – I think to, oh, this is fun! – Two guns, Jenna’s crazy. – I think it’s gonna be to Jeff. – Oh, to Jeff, now Jeff’s got two on him! – Excellent choice. – Pat still doesn’t have to duck. Again, I’m just reminding
Patrick, so that way he doesn’t– – No, you’re right that Jeff
does have two guns on him, and that doesn’t make sense
’cause Patrick has none. – None gun Patrick. – Yeah, but Patrick is just
gonna shoot himself in the foot. – That is why I did not do it,
and you make a great point. – Here’s the thing, if two
people are pointing a gun at me, I’m just gonna duck anyway. – That’s why I feel like
it’s not a great choice. It’s harder for you if it’s one. – Have you been counting
cards this whole time, then? – It’s harder for everybody if it’s one. You’re shooting at Patrick. – Well, now they have two,
I’m definitely gonna– – So everybody except
Tara has a gun on them. – Aw, thanks guys. – Everybody ready? Three, two, one, bazinga.
– [Everyone] Bazinga! – Oh, we don’t have to flip just yet. You’ve ducked, it’s a blank,
so Pat did not get killed. – Okay. – So Brian wasn’t gonna shoot you anyway! – Yeah, I kinda didn’t think so. – He was gonna let
y’all do his dirty work. – Oh, Simone was, though. – Yeah, I believe that, absolutely. – It was a blank. – Patrick, okay. – Also a blank. – Okay. – Also a blank. – There’s a lot of
bullets left in this game. – Yeah, everybody’s about to
get way more bullets, too. – But now I’m getting my bullets! – Alright, so quick, raise your hand if you
are still in this round. Everybody but me, no, that’s fair. Enjoy the fraction of the
loot that you chumps will get. – Wow! – Just pointing this out,
’cause I’m not in this round, I’ve got no stake in this loot! Simone is the only one
I think outside of me that has a painting, so if you
let her take that painting– – Jenna! – I think I still want a bullet. – And I am going to take the
painting, thank you very much! (laughs) – When the economy crashes–
– My turn? – Pat, you can take a
loot now, if you want. – Yeah, thanks. – When I draw this, I
instantly go get my stuff. – So Brian, Jeff, and
Pat all took a bullet. – I’m gonna take the godfather. – Yes, great choice.
– Okay. – As your financial
advisor, there’s a $20,000– – Thank you, thank you so much, my financial advisor who doxxes me and leaks my information to my enemies! – Well, you bad cross
me, that’s what you get. – My financial advisor
gets drunk at the bar, and is like, “You know how many paintings “that bitch has in her house?” – She got a Picasso, she got a Matisse, and you suckers are just
gonna let her take it! – Alright.
– Everybody ready? – Three, two, one, boom. – Okay, that’s fair.
– More bullets, Patrick. – Yeah, that’s fair, okay. – Et tu, Brian? (laughs) – What’s this? – I don’t really know, okay. – Everyone’s pointing at everyone. – So, obviously I’m going to move this, and I’m going to move it– – Simone doesn’t have
anyone shooting at her. – Yes she does, she has Pat. – Oh, that’s right, okay. – What’s this? – Simone has two people shooting at her. (laughing) – Jeff doesn’t have anyone shooting. – Sorry, Jenna. – No, that’s fair, I
appreciate that I’m a target. Made so by y’alls incompetence. – Three, two, one, bazinga!
– [Everyone] Bazinga! – Everybody! – Now I’m really locked in! – I’m taking my risks! – Very nervous about
this, where do we start? – Taking my shots. – Alright, we’ll start
with me, the godfather. – Bang, sorry Jenna. – Bang, that’s one. (coughing) Oh no. Jenna. Oh, it was a click! Mine was also a bang. – Ah, so I’m out! – Shit.
– So Jenna is out. – That means I get to eat my banana. – I did not shoot you. I know you’re dead, but I want
you to know it was a blank. – I appreciate that, even
though it means nothing. – I wasn’t intending to shoot you, but I’m not very good at aiming. Wait, who’s still in? All five of us except for Jenna, wowee. – We all just used our last blanks. – Did we?
– I think we mostly did. – Well, obviously I’m gonna take this. – Why? – Just to piss off Simone. – I don’t care. – I’m not bothered by it.
– I don’t give a crap. – Aie, the diamonds! – It’s only a thousand,
I’m sorry, hang on. (laughs) – I can have my banana and eat it too. – I’m smarter now! – I done a book reading!
– Pat’s had some life lessons. – Jenna has really taken
on the pacifist route while eating her banana. – It’s good that she’s out early, because her banana’s still firm. Unlike the rest of us, whose
bananas molder with age. – Live fast–
– Die firm. – Eat a banana. – Live fast, die firm! (everyone laughing) – Alrighty.
– Show me the loot! – Let’s loot it up. – Oh, painting. Need that house. – Lots of paintings! – Wow.
– Great paintings. – Hmm. – So this is the round Simone dies. – Wait, her banana’s not loaded, okay. – It’s loaded. – Three, two, one, draw. – Ooh, Brian, you’ve made enemies. – Who’s that for, me? – I have made enemies. – Oh, wow, you have, I’m so surprised. – All I’m saying is that the person who benefits
the most from paintings, Simone. – Who godfather?
– Who godfather? – I’m godfather. – Well, you should’ve said that before we pointed our guns at you. – Patrick! – There we go, alright. – [Everyone] Three, two, one, bazinga! (whistles) – I hope that was the right thing to do. – Alright, godfather first. – Yes. – I’m sorry, Brian.
– Ugh! I have been lit up. – You live another day. – I should’ve stayed up.
– Should’ve stayed up. – I didn’t shoot, so you
don’t know what I did. – Alrighty. – Could’ve been anything. – Last round, y’all, right? – Alright, so now we collect the loot. – After you divvy, and it’s just you two who
get to go back and forth. – Ooh! – I really fucked up. – I mean, Brian and Tara, outside of me, who is also outside of the law, thanks to the extradition laws of the country that I am in now. I won’t say where, but
it’s somewhere tropical! – Ooh! – They definitely have the most cards. I think Brian slightly more, but they both have a pretty meaty stack. – Stop looking at my meaty stack! (laughs) – I’m sorry, I’ll keep
my eyes on your banana. – Meaty stacks and firm bananas. – This is the last round. – Last round. – This is for all the bananas. – I just can’t believe
how bad I fucked up. – Three, two, one, go. – Ooh, two at Simone, two at
Tara, one at Brian, you fools! – Yeah, why me? – Where me go? – [Everyone] Ooh! – You’re trying to force
someone out, right now. – It’s ya boy, Brian! – Three, two, one, bazinga! – [Everyone] Bazinga! – Oh, interesting. Everybody livin’ large, flyin’ high. – Alright, as the godfather once again, I regret to inform you that
I have bazinga-ed Simone. – Patrick has killed me. – Dead for real. – Wow, interesting big
bang theory you have there. – Yes, the triumphant
banana eating of the dead! – You dodged a bullet there, Brian. – Oh, good, I made the right choice. – Well, not that it
matters, but it is a click. – I appreciate it.
– Firin’ blanks. – Simone, what was your,
who were you pointing at? – You, bitch! (everyone laughing) – I made the right choice, I dove. – So Brian, it’s just you and me, then? – No, I’m out, ’cause I dove. – So it’s you and me again. – I’m in.
– No. – No one hit baby Jeffrey! – So it’s the three of us, okay. – I’m baby. – Patrick is first. I’m gonna get this nasty little mushroom. – No, no! Firm bananas and nasty little mushrooms. – My first AOL screen name
was one of the prizes. I’m just gonna take this, ’cause I just wanna be
a perfect clean baby at the end of the game. – Wait, but it doesn’t matter! – It makes no sense for you to do that, but I’m taking this before
you change your mind. – I have the least amount of money! – Okay, yeah, your health is your wealth. – You’re letting them get more money. – ‘Cause this is the real money
right here, baby! (laughs) – But don’t you wanna
take that one, though? (laughing) – Deny you guys the opportunity. You can have it, oh, I can have it? Yay, extra clean. – Okay.
– So now we count? – Let’s do a little quick in memoriam of the people who died with lots of money. (snorts) – You don’t have to do the thousands. – I had $78,000, but also I’m deceased. I died with $78,000 on my beautiful body. – $123,000. – It’s a good thing we took her out. – $82,000 and I live. – $55,000 and a perfect face. – I’m alive and I have $165,000. – No!
– Hells yeah, yes! Yes, hell yes, Tara! – I’m $107,000, that’s all. – Yeah! I still think you should be able to posthumously collect your money. – I appreciate that, you
can take it with you. – Yeah, your children are
living large right now. – Yeah! – It’s a life insurance policy. – I actually don’t have children, but my Persian cat is in luxury. – Well, that was Cash ‘n Guns, thank you so much for watching Overboard, and my squeaky, squeaky chair. Please remember to subscribe
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to describe our videos, but I promise you’ll like them. Thanks everyone for watching, goodnight. – Cheers!
– Cheers. (bananas crunching) (everyone screaming) – [Jenna] Damn it. I really thought we were gonna not. Chew it, chew it! – You gotta swallow it! – No! – You have to commit to the bit! – Hello and welcome to– – Nope! – My bananas! – My banana’s exposed! I actually don’t like touching
raw bananas like this. They’re really gross. – Raw bananas?
– Raw! – I was gonna say, would
you feel better if it was– – Boiled?


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