Hello Kitty Cash Register & Play Doh Egg Electronic Caja Registradora

Hello Kitty Cash Register & Play Doh Egg Electronic Caja Registradora

welcome 2wd toys Hello Kitty Cash Register & Play Doh Egg Electronic Caja Registradora wow guys Queen also has a good great gift for you guys today check it
out a Hello Kitty cash register wow that is cool or look at the cash register in this
scanner that how Katie they come to lots of money we're gonna
go ahead and open this up to see what's inside but first at the end of the episode we're gonna have a special guest with surprised a wow I can hardly wait some clues are he likes to roll or he's green and he's in a popular children's movie mmm think about that
okay it let's go ahead and open this up while looks call past by a in comes with instructions to what all the
different buttons to in much I was at the cash register free now looks pretty cool let's take a
look at the money just cleared 10 least ninety credit card orkut and becomes a Hello Kitty credit
card louts call it even real plastic like a
real credit card it's not cardboard call look at this it comes at the Hello Kitty clients see looks like there are 5 if there are 5 okay let's less salt in the cash register of
see what it does okay let's take a closer look it does come with money I was hidden in
the package site comes it five-dollar Hello Kitty's its cue look at the little Hello Kitty
on both sides and they come to ten dollar bills see they also have Hello Kitty on both sides
and if you turn this key here cash register
pops up can't we could put the money and state
will put fives in here and will put tens in here and then we
have to put in the client's called okay let's see what else this thing does and here they have a job pad for signing if you push down see it clears the pad then you could
sign your name she like here let me sign something
called K see then our site you just push down
again to clear it again K and it's kinda hard to sleep because
it is paying let me hold it up see their if you push it down in the meadow it clears up true then we could just sign it again
after you buy something see the push it it clears it again and here you have different buttons for
different purchase says seal up here you have it K gumball you've got a strawberry there you've got
mail yeah Paul an ice cream sundae you've got
grapes you got it jar and it looks like a
pineapple and then a different buttons this here's
a power button this is to reset because this is really
a calculator what you put in the prices like let's
say you put in Clyde dollars here you push plus and then the next one is
six dollars then you'd push the call and then they
really have price see it have allotment dollars in every
time you push it both highlights not so that's kinda cool
to and this scanner has a light teal see that Carey Talley push it and then how one else does it do I think that's pretty much it if he says watch my videos at the bar we
won the Barbie one works a lot better because it does have an apt and you can
actually skin in real prices and with the app you could go to the stores step Barbie
has online and purchase stop lose chill actually tell you like if you
press six dollars show says six dollars when you pressed told all it'll say the
taller all like let's say its fifteen dollars should say fifteen
dollars so i i think thats kinda the okay well looks like elsa is gonna go shopping assira she buys and then you put the pen in here the
sector pen holder there let's see what we now serve us up she's got a friends that it's the that the ambulance okay head then you put in a price then you have to push the plus side
seeking to enter your next line then you put in another price plus she's gonna
buy spongebob set from the new movie but and then she has
another friend set this is puppy training and then this so I'm is little fall slick too baby horse said like I like how this the lights up the Barbie one does not light up late
semester call then she's gonna buy a sleeping
beauties roiled bedroom friend said okay I k what else is she gonna buy all another friend said as bunny in
babys by and then she's gonna get some party
favors because she's gonna have her friends over this is like Queen elsa maze Lindy's yeah is a like the chemically you're upset quite a skull maybe thanks
a bunch of different images from the glass on here PC and get some
undies her friends of then a ruler with shapes she could trace and some little sisters Queen house and in Princess Anna little sister books okay and the Tylenol is right there the as says 243 okay and then how are we gonna pay I say
let's try the credit card okay so we'll take the credit card here and will scan it K okay and then the rain up the total and then we're
gonna have to sign the job had okay let's go ahead and sign K okay and then we are done purchasing okay
this is the call cash register like I said it's not as
good as the Barbie line because I really like the Apple the Barbie 1 but it is fun I'm it does light of when you push the buttons the scanner
lights up the and I i like when you turn the key the cash register pops open like that
that's Nancy just put in all your cash right into the cash register just like
that its okay what clean outside had a fun toy
for you but now it's time for the surprise a let's see what it is okay from the
clues I gave you re able to guess who are surprise guest
list today he will be coming in shortly but before he comes in I would like to
say if you enjoy the show go ahead and click on the WD toys but up
in the right-hand corner and go to my channel and subscribe will
have lots of fun together okay here comes our surprise guest who
is it her now our wow it's Rex from Toy Story could all planar right character for Isaac for you are okay let's go get the surprise day as see what racks has for you up let's see it wow it's a dinosaur and a that's pretty cool all racks brought his
friend but we're gonna have to take them apart all
that's too bad because he is that cool dinosaur but let's take a fire all look at this we get a yellow Buzz Lightyear egg inside who yet nicey yell surprise egg well was see what's inside their can
buzz in rusty on the front k Gaius blood is inside here up we got another egg let there's something in there what is
that I it's Luigi from cars let this is it
for the newest movie when he's an announcer is announcing like where Buzz
Lightyear is wow that's a cool wind the squeezable to up K but there was something else in
there let's see what else was in there on to
space Man lEGO wow all che check to look take a look at
that and see his helmet comes off till I liked that one lock kids I had lots of fun with you and I look
forward to seeing you soon Hello Kitty Cash Register & Play Doh Egg VS.Disney Minnie Mouse Electronic


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