Signup get $10 and Bonus Referral $10 , WAAAWW!!!!! Hello guys, welcome back to my channel in this video… i will review about one legit airdrop why i say legit… let’s check this out in this video… i will review about origin airdrop why i want to review about Arigin Airdrop.. of course.. it’s because the big reward we can get $10 just by signup and we can get $10 for every 1 referral and why i can say this legit.. because token origin has been trade on binance market and this is round 2 on january december is start of round 1 but honestly.. iam not join on round 1 so… for this time that you are not join before maybe this is a chance for us to join this airdrop origin ok guys, if you wanna join you can join by click link on description video if you want to use my referral link this is so simple you just click link on description video ok…. after you click this link we can go to website and after that.. you have to input your email and then click here after that.. you can click here to download wallet application after click, you will go playstore.. and you have to download wallet application i already download wallet application and i will explain to you about wallet origin ok i will open the application because i have been registered on wallet application so i will login here i will skip video first for login yup, this is the application of wallet origin for the first time open this application… you have to create wallet after you click create wallet, you can save memoniac/private key by screenshot or write on paper and for the first time, you have to upload your profile photo(your face) and you have to input your Full name and after that, you can click Earn Origin Token on menu click here this event start on january and this event will finish on january end for the first task we have to verification first click verification for the register first time, you have to upload photo and input your name(i have explained before) you have to verification email and then you have to verify your phone number and you have to verify all your social media verify facebook,twiter,kakao if you dont have kakao account, you can register on and then.. verify your telegram account ok next.. for next task, you have to follow origin you can get 40 token in here the task is so simple, you just like facebook page origin, follow twitter of origin and join telegram of origin and you can get the token low signal guys.. for next task, you have to promote origin(social media) you just promote social media origin in here.. you can know something why origin so legit ok, in here you just click share and post on your twitter to get token the origin the origin you can see.. youtube founder and origin investor discusses strength of origin team so, maybe youtube founder is part of origin too maybe he is investor of origin too so he joined to discuss about origin team and then there is YU PAN YU PAN is R&D Engineer and cofounder of paypal so.. he is part of origin waaawww,,, paypal cofounder is part of origin its mean.. orogin is so legit right? his position on origin is to be LEAD R&D Engineer and there is Mr PAUL from Pantera Capital ok next after you verfication, you can invite friend before you finish verificatoin task, invite menu still not active and this is the place of your code referral guys… in here you can copy your link referral, and you can share on your facebook, twitter and share to your group airdrop ok now i want to show you about price of origin token we can see on binance market oh.. iam forget to explain you about referral every 1 referral you can get 50 token origin in here if you invite, your reward is 50 token and you have got 50 token before on register after register you got 53 token and its mean 50 token=$10 after you get referral you get $10 again and again invite until limit 1250 token origin its so much right? for invite if you do more invite.. then you will get more token ok now i want to show you price of origin token we will go to binance market ok you can see the price origin / OGN the price is 0.00002887 BTC OR $0.2 per TOKEN you can see the price on coinmarketcap website So.. for 50 token is $10 its so legit right? ok After the token landing on february the airdrop finish on januari end, and token distribution on february after landing, you can sell origin token on binance market ok i think my video is enough and please waiting for my next video thank you..



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