Euro Coins Worth Collecting

Euro Coins Worth Collecting

hello everyone this is Money Collector and
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this on your social media Facebook and Twitter and today what we have here is a
euro coins and some of these are rare and some are in error condition some are
new some are circulated and what we have here this is my new euro coins and I
have more this an uncirculated 20 euro cents and this is from Spain this is a
year 2016 so this is a new and the next we also have this not so
common this is in Finland 20 euro cents this is from year 2001 and as you can
see on some Finland coins or Finnish Cohen’s they also have this lion holding
a sword and I think she say the first map so basically this is a very salt or
most one of the most wanted euro coins the Cohen collectors especially Europe
sense collectors and because this is the first map when the European countries
are only few few of them five six something like that and later on the
some other European countries joined and they become a big Union of countries in
Europe and next this is a year 2011 a Belgian 20 euro cent I think all the
Saudis and I think that he is he the mint mark on the right side of the
year I think it’s a dolphin or a fish we also have this year 2000 – no it’s
letter is this most of the German euros the previous coins has the letter demon
mark Hamburg Berlin something like that and this is a year 2000 toady and this
is also a 20 euro cent next we have this the 2002 French 50 euro cents also I
think this is a first map the same the year 2002 of friends have
50 euro cents we also have this year 1999 first map 50 euro cents from
Finland it’s a beautiful Euro cents and make
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on the second week or next week as long as I have a time to go to the post
office this one is 50 euro cents from Greece and this is from here 2002 and there is a variety of this some on the
bottom of the there is a star if you can see that proceeds there is a letter F on
it it is considered a collectible and last we have this one euros for sin and
this is from France this is from year 2001 from the bottom bottom here net 20
and the zero one in the middle there is a star some of these are considered rare some
are collectible or errors and a lot of people has a collection of this but they
will not sell it because it is a very collectible coins and by the way there
is a new release of new euro coins and it is in 20 euro coin I think it is a
gold one of our YouTube friends here also reviewing coins his channel I
forgot he has this gold euro coins and shout out to him I forgot your name
and I think it’s very expensive and this is the complete that they compete that
the series of Euro cents and euros from one euros and this is from Germany one
year sent in France France Germany Germany Austria and Germany one euro
cents you know 2 euro cents this is also a
collective water here 90 1999 2 euro cents de France another France another
France and this is from Spain another from Spain France Italy another Italy
two cents Italy two cents and circulated Germany Austria France and Netherlands
we also have this five cents and this one is from Portugal Spain France another France this one in my
favorite in Slovenia and there is a mountain on it beautiful
we have the Netherland the Spain and another Spain of different year you have
another Netherlands the 8th Italy the Colosseum of the Roma we have this pain
1999 your Germany 5 cents Austria 5 cents Germany Germany the error Italian
5 cents and we have these 10 cents I want to collect a lot of this this is
from Austria 10 cents Spain France another Spain he also have this Italian $0.20
beautiful you have the Belgium 20 cents and we have this uncirculated the
Netherlands 2016 20 cents the Austrian 20 cents of 2002 the Spanish 20 cents
the euro of Austria 20 cents and another Spain 20 cents also have this German 50
cents the big one my favorite the Irish
Ireland the euro 50 cents lovely and they are both the same design
and I think the the clock rotation of this is an error because if you are looking like this if you prefer it’s the
other way we also have this seven pieces one euros of France 1981 9 collectible Italian euro 1 euro the Spanish mm – you
won euro another Spain neuro Germany one euro the Luxembourg one you the
Austrian Mozart two euro of Austria again Germany two euro the big eagle the
bunnies two euro of $19.99 collectible also the two euro of Germany a 2008 J
and 2015 the two euro of Germany so that’s it I hope you enjoyed watching
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11 thoughts on “Euro Coins Worth Collecting”

  • Nice collection. Except of Monacco and Vatican State I have all Sets from all Euro countries. I also collect the different 2€ commemorative coins.
    I spottet some errors in your video: The 50 cent coin at 3:45 is from Italy, the 10 cent coin at 9:35 is from Germany and the 10 cent coin at 9:43 is from Italy, the 20 cent coin at 10:25 is from Germany.
    The 50 cent coin from Germany at 10:37 doesn't have a low mitage, the mintage of 135.000 was the number of the 2002 J mint sets, the total mintage of 2002 J 50 cent coins was over 400 million.

  • Valentin Tapata says:

    That wasn't a french coin (statue of Marcus Aurelius on a horse), RI stands for Republic of Italy, it's depict a bronze equestrian roman statue. Edit: French coins have Marianne, a personification of French revolution and consequently France itself.

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