Cryptocurrency Market Update Apr 21st 2019 – Binance Dominance

hi guys thanks for tuning in to another episode of Nuggets news well Happy Easter to those celebrating unfortunately we had to spend a part of our Easter in hospital I've always been pretty open and transparent about everything on this channel and mum was a little bit unwell took a turn for the worst and require a […]


what's up ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to you another video here today from the tech cache also ball viewer having a good one as always of course in today's video I want to go ahead and discuss something that you might be you know you might be looking at the title right now I'm thinking this […]

BITCOIN IS FALLING!! Is This The CORRECTION?! | Bitfinex & Tether, $850,000,000 LOST!!!

ens 웨어 이스 잉 근데 걘 이 가운데 컬렉션 다 고야 벤처 캠 업 앤 뭐 뭐야 외국인 얘들이 벨 체벌 있을 때 소라 우리 month 프레임 l 왔냐고 can be told to see 폴 아웃 2 거 같음 cod liver oil 캐링 브로켄 nes wrote in the pointer 보느냐 옥 new 아무리 큰 틴 255 too were […]

Bitcoin BULL RUN STILL HAS HOPE?! -LIVE Crypto Trading Analysis & BTC Cryptocurrency Price News 2019

bitcoin has had an absolutely tumultuous past 24 hours dropping over 10 percent from its previous peak and now sparking the question is it possible that the Bitcoin Bull Run is still intact is it still possible that the Bitcoin Bull Run is on its upward trajectory and is it still possible that the Bitcoin Bull Run of […]

Crypto CRASH! – Tether & Bitfinex SCANDAL Hits Cryptocurrency Market

as this Zero Hedge article says crypto stumble after New York Attorney General accuses BitFenix a massive fraud loss of 850 million dollars these absolute morons continuously disrupt the ability for us to break free from the banking system and the government it's absolutely sickening we have seen in recent days crypto has been doing pretty good institutional […]

How does a blockchain work – Simply Explained

تقنية البلوك تشاين تحظى بشعبية بشكل لا يصدق في أيامنا هذه. ولكن ما هو blockchain؟ كيف تعمل، ما هي المشاكل وأنها لا تحلوكيف يمكن استخدامها؟ كما يشير الاسم، وblockchain هوسلسلة من الكتل التي تحتوي على معلومات. وقد وصفت هذه التقنية أصلا في1991 من قبل مجموعة من الباحثين وكان في الأصل تهدف إلى وضع طابع زمني الوثائق الرقمية بحيثأنه […]

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