XRP Party is a TERRIBLE Platform [Crypto Dapp Yap – “Hiding in Plain Sight”]

Muddy, Muddy, Muddy Mo, Muddy Mo Muddy Muddy Mo! What’s up crypto world, it’s your boy Muddy Mo aka the king of minnows aka the dapp whitepaper gawd! and this is crypto dapp yap. So today we’re gonna talk about a new dapp that’s coming out XRP party alright so a couple of things you already know man […]

Claude Duval, Highwayman – Spending your cash on looking flash – Rogues Gallery Online 1670

January 20th, 1670 The ladies do love Claude Duval. He’s a famous gentleman of the road, a dashing wild eyed French cavalier, thumbing his nose at the law and kissing the hand of any pretty maiden who comes his way. He’s only twenty-seven but already he’s a legend, was ever a man so blessed by good fortune? That’s […]


Wtf is this This is terrible! This is awful! It’s pretty bad This is gross! This is the grossest thing I’ve ever eaten in my entire life It’s THAT bad??? Vina! Oh! I don’t have it on! Hold on Huh? Siri? -That’s creepy -Why? We didn’t call you What should I do? I’ve never done a Japanese introduction […]

How One of the Biggest Banks Decided to Do a Deal with the Devil

Here’s how one of the biggest banks in the world, HSBC, started laundering Mexican Cartel money! Wait until you hear about the extremely simple trick to hide everything! Move That Dough Mexican Cartels are essentially huge businesses. Huge, illegal businesses that generate MASSIVE amounts of income. We’re essentially talking about billions of dollars a year. And things aren’t […]

LFC TRANSFER : Liverpool to cash in Winger sell on clause

the freezing red Liverpool has gained a reputation as they insert a operative in the transfer market in prison season Macau advance has been buying love and Sterling Heights boosting the basement at every return because we said 400 boost as the red look likely to benefit from the German TD sail on clouds we really need to […]