😱 10 WAYS BITCOIN MAY BE IN A BUBBLE 😱 Free Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Crypto Currency News 2107

😱 10 WAYS BITCOIN MAY BE IN A BUBBLE 😱 Free Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Crypto Currency News 2107

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26 thoughts on “😱 10 WAYS BITCOIN MAY BE IN A BUBBLE 😱 Free Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Crypto Currency News 2107”

  • Sleep Is Not Necessary says:

    You sure you're not just salty that your prediction of a bitcoin correction was utterly wrong?

    You know how to chart, but that does dictate reality…

    TONS of cash flooded into the market. We may very well see a few hundred dollar retrace, but that does not a bubble make.

  • I agree on BTC/Alts heading down and think the use of images was very creative. As they say, "a picture is worth a thousand words". I could go into great detail on each image and my belief system on each, but there isn't time or room to share the depth of information the images reflect.

    Thus far it has been a slow grind down as they KILL short positions and profit from dead cat bounces. The question for today is a good question and there are valid arguments in both directions. I do believe ultimately BTC will be taken down and replaced by a coin for the NWO system; however I don't think it will be in the next thirty days… so I'll say around 5k. Crypos move fast compared to their cousins… the stock market.

    I told my wife yesterday… the government is broke and they don't earn or make anything to produce income. It ALL comes from the people… since they are broke they'll come after the people to pay for their wasteful overspending. For instance my step-son lives in Maryland and he has to pay for the amount of rain drainage from his roof and driveway. They'll tax you for breathing if they can. Another deep long topic.

    In closing… agree, agree and agree. Turbulent times are ahead my friends … prepare. Prepare with extra food, water and get your spiritual house in order. Peace and MUCH Love to all who took the time to read my LONG winded response. See ya on the charts when DA BOSS is in the HOUSE.

  • your right about emotions driving markets. the compound interest of emotions that newbies bring from the people introducing Cryptos to them making the waves larger

  • Christian Grey says:

    "A lot of people with a lot of money are pretty stupid I've come to realize, they're just smart enough to keep their money and not grow it from scratch" Killed it 😂👌🏼

  • Christian Grey says:

    Agreed BK. The conditions of trading are completely different to previous years, adoption is taking place way too quick right now. Even if bitcoin doesn't hold it will still be for the best to set the foundations for future highs ✅

    Appreciate your time and effort you put in your videos. Thank you 🙏🏼

  • Everything is a bubble on the way up. And i dont understand some of your key points. The koreans and japanese are the ones who pushed btc to 4k yesterday. The only threat i see to bitcoin at the moment is ethereum and the koreans love ethereum

  • guilherme meireles says:

    I sold my BTC at 3900 and end it up buyng again at 4050. Fuck it Im going to buy and hold a couple of years. Look what happend in2013 10x increase. It coud happend again from 1k to 10k. It does not woth selling right now.

  • Crypto Stacker says:

    sell everything. sell it now. its all going to dump and go to zero. quick, sell so you can take the fiat and then give the goverment 30%. sell cause that's what the fud wants you to do.

  • Uber drivers givin crypto advice?
    I ask every person I meet if they know what Cryptocurrency is , and 99% have zero clue whatsoever , I might as well be talkin Chinese to them . Many have heard of Bitcoin , but most have no idea what it is .
    this is a bubble ?
    By the way, I live in London UK , not in the backwoods of Tennessee.

  • Christopher Rockel says:

    Noob question: If BTC crashes, and it crashes hard, how much will it affect the other coins like neo, eth or B?

  • Brandon, when people like myself refer to whales we aren't just talking about rich guys. We are referring to large institutions as you mentioned. And they are definitely involved here. In the wee hours of August 5 a very large player spiked Bitcoin. A bunch of little players like us can't do that. I was about to jump in before that happened. Gradual steady increases reassure me. Large sudden spikes scare me. And we've had two this month. I won't jump in til these large institutions make their sell move. Very dangerous to buy right now.

  • Man, I really appreciate that you took some time to step back and look at the big picture of the cryptoverse. It's been a fun couple of weeks, but all I've been seeing lately is a bunch of lambo and moon talk, and that set off alarm bells in my head. We're definitely at the euphoria stage right now… Interestingly enough, I follow a few other TA maestros on Youtube and Steemit, and they are all cautioning the same thing. We might be in a bubble, or we might not, but there are lots of signs that point towards us being in one. I think it's best to have an exit plan "just in case" because why bother risking losses for no reason?

    Side note: I love it when people come into the comments and try to call out people for being wrong about predictions, like anyone is ever right 100% of time, smdh.

    Thanks for sharing your insights and knowledge BK!

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